Foul-mouthed academic behind Koza Ipek decision

The expert report that was used as grounds for the appointment of trustees to the management of Koza ipek Holding was prepared by a pro-Justice and Development Party (AK Party) professor who, before writing the report, used vitriolic criticism and profanity on social media when talking about followers of the faith-based Gandulen movement.
Koza ipek Holding was targeted by the AK Party and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after a massive corruption scandal went public on Dec. 17, 2013, implicating four then-ministers and a number of prominent businesspeople. Erdogan blamed the Gandulen movement for the graft scandal and vowed to carry out a witch hunt against its supporters, including media outlets, businesspeople and civil society groups.
In a controversial move on Monday, the Ankara 5th Criminal Court of Peace ruled to appoint trustees to replace the existing board of directors of Koza ipek Holding and its companies based on a demand by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutorand’s Office. The trustees, accompanied by police, forcibly took over the management of the ipek Media Group on Wednesday and took the groupand’s TV channels off air, and the groupand’s two newspapers were prevented from being printed.
The decision to appoint trustees to Koza ipek Holding was made based on an expert report prepared by Professor iafak Ertan andcomakli, who heads the Police Academyand’s Forensic Sciences Institute.
andcomakli has attracted widespread criticism due to messages on Twitter that target followers of the Gandulen movement and Todayand’s Zaman Editor-in-Chief Bandulent Kenei in particular. On Aug. 23, andcomakli wrote on his Twitter account to Kenei: andquotYou are a dog on a leash. It would be nice if some oxygen had gone to your brain, but you cannot breathe due to your leash.andquot
Despite andcomakli being strongly criticized for his tweet, he posted another that included even more profanity, accusing followers of the Gandulen movement of being traitors and guilty of extortion. Some Twitter users later wrote to Kenei to say that he should take legal action against andcomakli. In response, Kenei said the dirty language used by a professor shows the indecency of some pro-AK Party figures.