Former State Adviser Vafa Guluzade dies – UPDATED

Baku: Well-known political scientist, former Foreign Policy State Adviser to Azerbaijani President Vafa Guluzade died.

His condition worsened suddenly, and was taken to hospital in Baku.

He underwent heart bypass operation and moved to hospital ward. But his condition worsened suddennly and he died.

Vafa Guluzade’s body was taken Ajdarbay Mosque, APA’s correspondent in the mosque reports. His grandchild did not want to talk in detail about his illness and death reason.

According to relatives, he will be buried tomorrow in Yasamal cemetery of Baku near the grave of his son, died young.

Vafa Guluzade was born on December 22, 1940 in Baku, Azerbaijan. Guluzade graduated from high school in 1958 and from the Azerbaijan State University in 1963. Later he worked for Azerbaijani radio as an editor at the foreign desk.

He was accepted to the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies of the USSR Academy of Sciences in Moscow and studied there in 1962-1964. He did his graduate work on modern Egyptian literature and received an M.A. degree.

Guluzade began his career in 1970 as an attache at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR

During his tenure in Baku during the 1980s, Guluzade graduated by correspondence from the Moscow Academy of Social Sciences. In 1987, he was again invited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR and was summoned as a counselor to the Soviet Embassy in Algeria.

From November 1990 until October 1999,Guluzade served as an Adviser and Counselor on Foreign Policy Matters to Azerbaijani President. During that period, Guluzade was a constant member of the State Security Council.

He was the Chief Negotiator on negotiations with Armenia on Nagorno-Karabakh issue.

He also participated as a member of the Azerbaijani delegation in OSCE and NATO’s summits.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency