Forest fire dangers on rise

By: Amina Nazarli

The danger of wildfire has increased significantly with the arrival of dry season.

The most common cause of large wildfires across the world is lightning. The magnitude of fires makes them visually observable even from space.

Forest fire takes place usually during dry seasons. Higher temperature contributes to greater fire.

However, fires occur sometimes because of people’s carelessness.

Some times a small spark, an unquenched fire, a burning cigarette and an elementary indiscretion can lead to a huge fire causing an environmental disaster and human tragedy.

Burning the accumulated debris of previous year’s grass near forests is another main cause behind the huge fires.

So, people need to follow some simple rules to prevent from a forest fire.

Many people like to build campfires when they go camping, but they should follow the campfire guidelines to keep yourself and other campers safe.

-Before making a fire, make sure the fire is at least one meter far away from the tent.

-Do not build fires in dry or windy conditions.

-Extinguish the fire before leaving.

If you see others doing it, try to stop them and explain why this is dangerous. Fire does not forgive carelessness and negligence.

If you find a starting fire, for example, a small grassy fell try to extinguish it yourself. Sometimes it is simply enough to trample the flame.

If the fire is strong enough, and you can not put it out by your own, inform rescue service on the phone as soon as possible by calling 101.

Observing some rules can also be helpful in order to escape the danger zone:

Firstly, we need to protect our respiratory organs by wearing a wet bandage covering our mouth and nose. Secondly, we need to try to go to the pond. Thirdly, it is necessary to go against the wind if you are in the fire zone.

Unfortunately, forest fires also occur in Azerbaijan.

The territory of Oguz forestry of Shahdag National Park was engulfed by fire on August 4.

The reason behind the fire, on preliminary version, was lightning. The fire was extinguished at about eleven o’clock by the local agencies, the Ministry of Ecology and employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Dry grass and shrubs were all burnt by the fire.

Later at 14:00 of the same day, there was one more fire in the eighth forest economy of Oguz forestry of Shahdag National Park.

Some twenty five employees of the State Fire Service, twenty five workers of forest economy and nine people among the local population involved in the extinguishing operation.

Another fire occurred in Lerik’s municipal lands and then spread to Razvandabad forest in July this year.

Some 10 hectares of forest fund were affected during the five-day fire.

Meanwhile, as a result of the strong hurricane, a fire occurred in the Talish forests in March.

Hundreds of hectares of the forests were damaged in southern region. The fires inflicted damages on private households and citizens’ properties as well.