Forest area on fire in Lerik region of Azerbaijan

Lerik: Forest area is on fire in Piran village of Lerik region.

Deputy Head of Lerik region executive power, chairman of the region’s emergency situations commission Habil Sadigov told APA’s south bureau that the fire covered about 2ha area of local forestry.

As the fire-extinguishers were unable to be driven up to the scene, tractors and other heavy equipment as well as employees of local organizations and residents were involved for extinguishing the fire.

Large holes were drilled for preventing the fire from spreading.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Irada Ibrahimova told APA that the fire broke out in the area of municipality and then moved to the highlands.

She said that the fire covered the area of about 2 hectares and necessary measures are being taken for extinguishing the fire.