Flower Holiday ahead

By: Amina Nazarli

The Flower Holiday is celebrated across Azerbaijan on May 10 every year. The colorful holiday, stands in memory of national leader Heydar Aliyev and is annually held in the country’s capital Baku and regions since 2000.

The holiday marked on May 10 — on the birthday of the national leader — lasts for several days, filling the city with an amazing atmosphere.

Traditionally, during the festival, the Heydar Aliyev Park in Baku becomes a floral venue exhibiting the most amazing colorful compositions of rare flowers.

Hundreds different kinds of beautiful flowers from all over the world including Brazil, France, Turkey, Holland, Italy and China decorate the park, giving it an excellent spring mood.

Decorative flowers planted in the park, as well as models of the country’s historic sites, fortresses and palaces amaze many with their beauty and complexity.

The city is transformed into a floral heaven. The mesmerizing aroma of fragrant flowers covers the capital’s air.

Looking at the beauty and harmony of natural flowers one wants to smile and share in this joy with others. Floral patterns brighten the city, complimenting the beautiful month of May.

The preparation process to this glorious spring holiday begins several days before the festive.

Like the artist’s brush workers apply red, green, yellow, purple colors on the green lawn of the spring grass.

This year the holiday is expected to be even more grandiose as the country is preparing to host the inaugural European Games scheduled for June 12-28 in Baku. That’s why organizers do their best to please the country’s tourists and amaze them with this special tribute.

Thousands of visitors, including children, will marvel before the beauty of the flower display.

You will not want to miss a chance to take pictures.

A concert program in the open air with participation of many local music stars will be held as part of the event, bringing together millions of visitors.

Usually, the festive holiday ends with a grand firework.

SOURCE: Azer News