Five detainees arrested in terror operation, taken to court

Along with suspects, who were caught during they were taking 18 kilos of C4 explosives out of the ground, five people were sent to the court in an anti-terror operation, conducted against Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), in İzmir on Friday.

İ. E. ,36, along with two people, who were caught by the police during they were taking explosives out of the ground in forestry area, located in Gaziemir district of İzmir at last Tuesday. 17 kilos and 350 grams C4 explosives, 10 grenades, cell phone triggered bomb system and fuse was found in police search. Detainees İ. E., M.A. ,43, and B. İ. ,30, were taken to İzmir Provincial Anti-Terror Branch for the interrogation. The terrorists, who were caught on terrorist act, had been suspected to plan to hold a terrorist act before the Nov. 1 parliamentary elections that they could not succeed and they were suspected to hold terrorist act during the ceremonies, held for Commemoration of Ataturk.

Meanwhile, it was reported that five more people were arrested as part of the operation and they were still in the police headquarters.


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