First total solar eclipse of 2015 occurs

Baku: The first solar eclipse of 2015 has occurred.

The solar eclipse, which occurred on Novruz holiday, was partially visible from Azerbaijan, too, APA reports.

The eclipse began at 11:40 AM, reached its climax at 1:44 PM and ended at 3:48 PM. The natural phenomena lasted for 4 fours and 8 minutes. In Azerbaijan, the solar eclipse was observed for an hour and half. In Azerbaijan, the eclipse was first seen at 1:46 PM, reaching its maximum at 2:30 PM and ending at 3:18 PM.

The partial observation of the solar eclipse was possible in North Africa, North Asia and Europe. The total eclipse was observed in Iceland, the north of the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic basin.

Note that, two solar and lunar eclipses are expected to occur this year. The first lunar eclipse will take place on April 4, the other on September 28, and the first solar eclipse took place on March 20, and the next will be observed on September 13.