First session of standardized exams to be held for eighth graders

The first session of the Transition from Primary to secondary Education (TEOG) exam for the spring semester, part of primary school students’ transition to secondary school, will be held on Monday across Turkey.

Over 1.2 million eighth grade students will take the three-hour exam, which has been organized by the Ministry of Education as part of a new high school admissions system that was adopted at the beginning of the 2013-2014 academic year, replacing the previous Level Determination Examination (sBs) system. According to the TEOG system, eighth graders take 12 exams on six subjects during the academic year. students take six tests in the fall semester and the second half of the full complement of exams in the spring semester.

The first session of the spring TEOG exams will start at 9 a.m. in 91,000 classrooms in 15,814 schools across the country. Police on duty outside schools where the exams are set to take place will ensure that students do not enter the test areas with cell phones.

Eighth graders will take the Turkish, math and religious culture and morality exams during the first session on Monday. On Tuesday they will answer 60 questions on three other subjects: science and technology, revolutionary history and Kemalism and a foreign language during the second session.

schools will be closed for fifth, sixth and seventh graders on Monday and Tuesday.

The sBs — a standardized test that students were required to take before entering high school — was held for the last time on June 8, 2013. A new method of transitioning students to high school was introduced during the first semester of this academic year.

The current high school transition system consists of six centrally administered exams. students will be placed in high schools according to the average scores they received in the TEOG exams in January and their results for the exams of April 28 and 29.