Fire leaves four injured in Ankara

Two people, one of them is a child, were injured and two other were poisoned from the smoke in fire, which broke out in a four-storey building in Turkish capital city of Ankara on Sunday.

The incident took place on the third floor of a four-storey building, located in Karsiyaka 518 Street in Yenimahalle district. The fire, which broke out due to an unknown reason, spread over the building and reached the upper floor.

Over the call of the residents, the police, fire fighter and health units were dispatched to the scene. Makbule and Ziya Doluca, who reside at third floor, got injured in various parts of their bodies.

The fire fighter units held the efforts to rescue the residents stuck in the building. While the fire crew were taking off the residents in third floor by the fire ladder, they took the residents in fifth floor out of the building by the stairs after they brought the fire under control. Being taken to the ambulance, the injured people were later sent to the various hospitals.

Reportedly, the injured people’s health situation was good and their treatment has been ongoing.

Police launched an investigation into the fire.