Final court decision is expected to be given into the death of Ali I.Korkmaz

Final court decision is expected to be given into the death of a 19-year-old Ali Ismail Korkmaz, Gezi protester who was beaten to death by some suspected people and a police officer in Eskisehir. Court in Kayseri, seeking life imprisonment on charges of premeditated murder for the suspected killer, police officer Mevlut Saldogan.

The sixth hearing in the trial into the death of university student Ali Ismail Korkmaz is being held on Friday at the Kayseri Third High Criminal Court, where the suspects are standing trial for murder. Saldogan — who is suspected of brutally beating Korkmaz and causing his death after the student participated in protests about construction plans for Istanbul’s Gezi Park — to life in prison.

When Ismail Korkmaz’s mother Emel and Father Sahap Korkmaz arrived in front of the courthouse they were stopped a while by the police officers who claimed that they were waiting the coming of police director. Meanwhile, Republican People’s Party (CHP) Provincial Chairman Mustafa Ayan reacted to the officers.

After the coming of the police director Korkmaz’s father and mother was let in the courthouse. Depicted on Korkmaz’s photo many t-shirts were distributed people around the courthouse. It has been also that Peoples’ Democracy Party Deputy Sebahat Tuncel wore also Ali Ismail Korkmaz depicted the t-shirts.

Besides Tuncel, CHP Deputy General Chairman Sezgin Tanrıkula, CHP Party Assembly Member Istanbul Deputy Ihsan Ozkes are also following the case.

Korkmaz suffered from brain hemorrhaging after being beaten by the men, who were not wearing uniforms when the incident took place.

He fought for his life for 38 days at a hospital before passing away. The attack on Korkmaz further stoked tensions that had erupted late in May over a government plan to demolish Istanbul’s Gezi Park, in Taksim Square, and replace it with a replica of an Ottoman-era barracks.

Before falling into a coma, Korkmaz gave details about the attack to the authorities, saying: “Five or six people came up to me. They beat me with clubs, hitting my head, back, shoulder and legs. I fell to the ground. … Yesterday, I didn’t have difficulty speaking, but today I can’t remember.

One of my teeth is loose because of the incident. My head hurts and I have difficulty speaking. I don’t know who beat me or why. They were wearing civilian clothes. I want to file a complaint.”