Fikret Amirov’s work performed within Lebanese Cultural Days in Mexico

Baku: Mexico City has hosted Lebanese Cultural Days as part of the national holiday of the Republic of Lebanon.

During the cultural events, a series of concerts took place, the Azerbaijani embassy in the United States of Mexico told APA.

Under the support of Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Great Azerbaijani composer Fikret Amirov’s Concert on Arabian Themes was performed by the Mexico City Philharmonic Orchestra at the Teatro de la Ciudad, along with works of Lebanese composer Jamal Aboul-Hosn and French composer and organist of Belgian origin, César Franck. The orchestra was directed by Lebanese art director and chief conductor Lubnan Baalbaki.

F. Emirov’s music impressed the listeners with its deep content, richness, delicacy, bright and transparent orchestra, freshness and national character. The performance of Concert on Arabian Themes was met with applause.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency