Fenerbahce fans stuck in between protesters, police in Cizre

A group of Fenerbahce fans celebrating their team’s 19th Turkish Super League title became stuck in between pro-Kurdish protesters and police units in the predominantly Kurdish province of Sırnak on Sunday night.

A group of people staged a violent demonstration in Sırnak’s Cizre district in which they protested the neighboring Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) of Iraq for digging ditches along its Syria border, where many Syrian Kurds at times pass to the KRG side to avoid danger in their war-torn country.

While the group was clashing with riot police in Cizre, a group of Fenerbahce fans who were celebrating their team’s championship title arrived in the center of Cizre with a huge convoy, waving Fenerbahce flags. Heeding warnings by police, Fenerbahce fans used another route to escape from the violent clashes.