Family of 5 perishes after car drives through closed road into pond

The road had no sign indicating that it was not in use or warning of the pond at its end. Reports said the old road had been closed by authorities but reopened by villagers, who use it to reach their farms.

The driver, 34-year-old GandOksel Cankurtaran, drove right into the pond as the road was dark, the private news agency Dogan reported. The accident happened late on Monday however, since no one was around at the time the car fell into the pond, it was discovered around noon on Tuesday when villagers spotted the car and bodies floating in the water.
Cankurtaran was traveling with his wife, two daughters aged 8 and 7, and his 66-year-old mother from Sivas to Ankara, where the family resided. Cankurtaran went to Sivas to visit his mother, Fatma Cankurtaran, who lives in the village of Kale in the Yildizeli district. The family was returning to Ankara together with mother Cankurtaran on Monday night.

The bodies of the four people in the car were retrieved on Tuesday, and GandOkseland’s body was found at the bottom of the pond on Wednesday.
The family is survived by 3-year-old Ecemsu Cankurtaran, who was left with her paternal grandmother.
Villagers gathered at the scene of the accident to protest the authorities not placing warning signs on the road.

The road was reportedly closed to traffic after the irrigation pond was built three years ago. The entrance to the road was barred with a pile of dirt but no warning sign was erected, according to the villagers.
After Mondayand’s accident, the road was closed again with a pile of dirt and warning signs were placed there.
An investigation has also been launched into the accident by the chief public prosecutorand’s office.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman