Factory fire in central Turkey caught on tape by a mobile phone

ESKISEHIR: A fire, which broke out in a Pasabahce Sisecam Factory and raged some units of the facility in a short time, was caught on tape by a mobile phone in central Turkish province of Eskisehir .

The incident, took place in the factory while around 300 workers were working in a shift and began to threat packing and warehouse section, got off lightly without causing a loss of lives. Soon after the kicking off the fire the workers were counted and taken out to the courtyard of the facility. Whole event were caught on tape by a mobile phone of a citizen.

According to the initials reports that, although the fire did not cause a major damage in the production unit, the packing and warehouse section got serious damages.

Meanwhile, some workers made an explanation later the incident and noted that a total of five people were affected by heavy smoke and taken to the nearby hospitals. They also added that cooling process is still underway in the factory.