‘Expert’ elected Trabzonspor’s new chairman

Usta won over Celil Hekimoglu by 12 votes, earning 3,062 in total. Hekimoglu contested the results of five ballot boxes. Usta was still on top after the recount.

“Celil and I lost by a very narrow margin in the last election. İbrahim Hacıosmanoglu won. Now, I have won with a small margin. This says we have started on our path to the championship in our 50th year,” Usta said.

Incumbent Hacıosmanoglu was seen to be crying as the results were announced, having garnered 1,040 votes. He has served as chairman since 2013 and in the past has received bad press for locking some referees in the club’s Huseyin Avni Aker Stadium after an unfavorable result.

A native of Trabzon, Usta is chairman of Medical Park Hospital Group and the Liv Hospital executive board. He was previously chairman of the Private Hospital and Health Institutions Association and is a member of the İstanbul Chamber of Commerce Health Commission.