Exhibition pays homage to Istanbul-based Greek movie professionals

Istanbul’s TuRVAK Cinema-Theatre Museum and Art Library is commemorating the Greeks of Istanbul’s cinema industry in an archival exhibition as part of the 100th anniversary of Turkish cinema.

On display at the TuRVAK building in BeyoGlu until June 29, the exhibition “Istanbul’un Rum sinemacilari” (The Greeks of Istanbul in Cinema) features over 100 historical documents, photographs and film posters from the collection of sula Bozis and the TuRVAK archive.

The exhibition documents Istanbul-based Greek movie professionals’ contribution to Turkish cinema, from the first public film screening to the golden age of Yesilcam, according to the museum’s Facebook page. The exhibition includes the sections “Movie Theater Owners and Managers,” “Producers and Distributors,” “Actresses and Actors” and “Directors of Photography-sound Editing.” These sections provide information about nearly 50 Istanbul-based Greek film professionals including Petrakis Raftopulos, the owner of the Odeon Theater, Yorgo saris, owner of Elektra Film and Orestis Laskos, the director of the 1953 film “Pera Guzeli” (“Pera Beauty”).

“Istanbul’un Rum sinemacilari” can be seen from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on all days except Mondays. For further information, go to