Exemplary democrat Turgut Özal commemorated on 21st anniversary of death

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- Turgut Özal, Turkey’s eighth president who died of a suspicious heart attack on April 17, 1993, was commemorated on the 21st anniversary of his death with a ceremony held on Thursday at his grave located in Istanbul’s TopkapI Cemetery.

The ceremony was organized by the Istanbul Governor’s Office. Özal’s widow, Semra Özal, his sons Ahmet and Efe, his daughter-in-law Sinem and other members of the Özal family attended the ceremony. European Union Affairs Minister Mevlut ÇavuIoIlu, Istanbul Governor Huseyin Avni Mutlu, Istanbul Mayor Kadir TopbaI and representatives of political parties were also among the attendees. A wreath was placed on Özal’s grave during the ceremony.

Speaking to reporters following the ceremony, Özal’s son Ahmet said he still misses his father even though 21 years have passed since his death, adding that his father is remembered for his good deeds by many people across the country each day.

Stating that suspicions surrounding his father’s death still continue to this day, Ahmet added: “There are some games being played on the trials opened and the Council of Forensic Medicine [ATK] autopsy reports prepared concerning my father’s death. There are some missing parts in the autopsy reports that were released. Someone is trying to prevent [the truth about] my father’s death from being revealed. I don’t know who they might be. I believe those who try to prevent [the truth] will be discovered some time in the future.”

Engin Guner, the key aisor of the late president, told reporters that Özal has been enshrined in the nation’s memory and that the reforms Özal enacted during his rule were the most significant ever made in Turkey.

(CihanToday’s Zaman)