Every day new cases of Ebola are detected in Liberia

CENEVRE (CIHAN)- Every day new cases of Ebola are detected in Liberia and it is essential to get these new samples to the laboratory of the World Health Organization (WHO)in Guéckédou, Guinea.

The epidemic of Ebola extends across the borders to neighbouring countries Sierra Leone and Liberia.

The samples here are ready and the border is ten kilometres away – time is essential.

The journey is a challenge. First, the samples are transported by dugout canoe, then they are placed in a vehicle and driven to the mobile laboratory in Guéckédou, where they are examined by technicians. The results of the samples are expected in less than three hours.

In a village near the border with Sierra Leone, a delegation including the Red Cross, UNICEF and WHO are working to educate the rural population about the virus.

WHO anthropologist Sylvain Faye says the people are unaware of what to do and are often frightened when one of the villagers shows symptoms of Ebola. Education about this disease he tells them, is essential to life.

He says their reluctance comes from fear.

Outreach will continue as long as the virus is active in an attempt to calm fears, dispell rumours and give aice on preventing infection. Every bit of information counts and is vital to saving another life.