Europalia Arts Festival announces packed program dedicated to Turkey

Elements of Turkish culture, old and new, will be featured extensively in Belgian cities — as well as in several other European locations — this fall thanks to the Europalia Arts Festival, an annual multidisciplinary program that will be hosting Turkey as guest country in its 2015-2016 edition.
It has been 45 years since the festivaland’s launch and Europalia Turkey, set to continue for four months from Oct. 6 through Jan. 31, 2016, also marks the 25th time the festival will be presented to a European audience beyond Belgiumand’s borders.
and”Turkey is the ideal candidate for this jubilee edition,and” the festivaland’s organizers were quoted as saying in a press release issued Thursday, following a press conference in Brussels the same day to announce this yearand’s program. and”The choice of Turkey as the guest country is also an opportunity for us to strengthen our ties with Belgiumand’s large Turkish community. Initiatives are under way to involve Turkish Belgians in the program and to have the European public discover the countryand’s unseen cultural richness,and” the press release read.
The festival, starting with its 2545 jubilee edition, will focus on four elements: heritage projects contemporary projects exchange and new creations. The Europalia Turkey program, put together under these guidelines, will feature hundreds of events in a diverse range of artistic fields. They include historical exhibitions, photography exhibitions, dance performances blending tradition and modern, concerts by classical music ensembles, rock bands and DJs, film screenings, talks with famous Turkish authors and puppet theater shows.
The program will get under way on Oct. 7 with an exhibition titled and”Anatolia. Home of Eternityand” at the Center for Fine Arts in Brussels, which, a few days later, will also unveil and”Imagine Istanbul,and” a photography exhibition with a special focus on work by Ara Ganduler, who is billed as and”the Eye of Istanbul.and”
Art exhibitions featuring work by the contemporary artists Gandulsandun Karamustafa, Ayie Erkmen and the late Handuseyin Bahri Alptekin were also part of the packed program announced Thursday.
Musicians heading to Europalia include percussion master Okay Temiz, avant-garde folk musicians Arto Tunandcboyaciyan and Ara Dinkjian, percussionist Burhan andOandcal and Trakya All Stars, the Konya Turkish Sufi Music Ensemble, the Taksim Trio, ska-punk band Athena, female neyzen (reed flute player) Burcu Karadai and her ensemble, pop singer-songwriter Sezen Aksu, jazz saxophonist ilhan Eriahin and his project Wonderland and the State Polyphonic Choir of Turkey, among many other acts.
Films by Nuri Bilge Ceylan, ierif GandOren, Orhan EskikandOy, andOzgandur Dogan and Yeiim Ustaoilu are among titles comprising the programand’s cinema leg, which will also host directors Semih Kaplanoilu and Dervii Zaim and actress Saadet Aksoy as guests.
Contemporary authors Ahmet andumit, Enis Batur and Hakan Gandunday are among the guests of the literature section of the festival, which will also feature dozens of conferences and seminars about Turkish culture.
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SOURCE: Today’s Zaman