EU pledges to overcome Greek Cyprus veto for opening chapters

According to the Hurriyet report, the assurance was expressed in a letter sent by European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker to Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

The daily said, based on Turkish and EU diplomatic sources, that Juncker’s letter is considered a supplement to the joint declaration made following the Turkey-EU summit on Nov. 29.

The five chapters that the EU plans to open in negotiations with Turkey are reportedly Chapter 15: Energy; Chapter 23: Judiciary and fundamental rights; Chapter 24: Justice, freedoms and security; Chapter 26: Education and culture; and Chapter 31: Foreign, security and defense policy.

In the joint EU-Turkey declaration following the Turkey-EU summit, it was said the preparations for the opening of some chapters would be finalized in the first quarter of next year, but the statement did not explicitly said what the chapters would be because of the Greek Cyprus obstruction against Turkey.

The letter reportedly came after Turkey insisted it should be made clear what chapters would be opened for negotiation.

In Sunday’s summit, the EU pledged to lift the visa requirements for travel to the EU for Turkish citizens and to speed up talks on accession to the union in return for Turkey halting the flow of refugees to the bloc.