EU extends sanctions list over situation in Ukraine – Communique

MOSKOVA (CIHAN)- The European Union on Friday extended its sanctions over the crisis in Ukraine, adding 15 individuals and 18 companies to the blacklist.
“The Council today adopted reinforced EU sanctions in view of the situation in Ukraine, following upon the request by the European Council of 16 July and the Foreign Affairs Council of 22 July. This decision gives legal value to an agreement reached at the Committee of Permanent Representatives yesterday,” the statement says.

This brings the total number of sanctions-hit individuals to 87 and the number of entities to 20.
The expanded list will be published later on Friday.

The EU unveiled the first batch of sanctions back in March following Crimea’s referendum, in which the overwhelming majority of voters backed seceding from Ukraine and joining Russia.

The restrictive measures targeted Russian high-ranking officials as European countries accused Russia of allegedly violating Ukraine’s territorial integrity.
Russia’s envoy to the European Union Vladimir Chizhov said earlier this week that the sanctions were “a road to nowhere” and Prime Minister Dmitry Meedev said such actions toward Russia were a way to conceal protectionist measures in the interests of certain companies.
e reassigned them in the middle of winter. We reassigned them even though they had not requested to be reassigned. We breached our own principles. Some of those colleagues [prosecutors] were deputy chief prosecutors. We reassigned them as simple prosecutors. Their reassignment does not prove that those colleagues are members of a [criminal] group. I want to underline that there is no investigation [into the reassigned prosecutors]. Injustice should not have been done to those prosecutors,” Okur added.

Since the launch of the major corruption operation on Dec. 17, more than 40,000 police officers, bureaucrats, judges and prosecutors have been reassigned for no official reason other than their suspected links to the Hizmet movement. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan claims that the Dec. 17 operation and its preceding investigation were orchestrated by the Hizmet movement in an attempt to overthrow his government. The movement denies the accusation.