EU: Agreement should be achieved on new legal framework for cooperation with Azerbaijan

Baku: Agreement should be achieved on a new legal framework for cooperation with Azerbaijan, said Latvian Foreign Minister, EU Chairman-in-Office Edgars Rinkevics at the meeting with Norwegian counterpart Borge Brende while speaking about the prospects within the framework of Eastern Partnership and prior to the Riga Summit, APA reports.

He said that a similar agreement with Armenia is planned as well.

“The Eastern Partnership should pursue the development of a unified platform whilst facilitating an individualized approach to the EU’s relations with partner countries. For instance, bilateral relations should be consolidated and the implementation of the EU-Ukraine, EU-Moldova and EU-Georgia Association Agreements facilitated. Besides, EU-Belarus relations must be advanced. Progress should be made in the area of visa facilitation with all Eastern Partnership countries,” Rinkevics underlined.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency