Erzurum mayor files complaint over allegations of fraud

A criminal complaint has been brought against a Turkish citizen who denounced the Erzurum mayor, a member of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), for his alleged involvement in public works irregularities.
Shortly after Numan B. complained to the Prime Ministry Communication Center (BiMER) about the alleged misconduct, Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen reportedly filed a criminal complaint, accusing Numan B. of insulting him.
Numan B., surprised at being accused himself, after having hoped to spur an investigation into corruption, said he has lost his belief in the legal and justice systems in Turkey. and”I wanted to protect the nationand’s money, and instead I am about to be tried. This just shows how the legal system works under the AK Party,and” he stated, adding that he fears for the security of himself and his family, as prosecutors and the police department have both refused to provide any security, each placing the responsibility on the other.
Sekmen made headlines after having allegedly sold 7,000 tons of scrap metal worth TL 6 million without holding a tender. A police raid discovered the metal being loaded onto trucks, and a criminal complaint was filed against Sekmen.
Numan B. is an engineer working for a private company in the capital city of Ankara, and he became aware of irregularities in Erzurum municipality-affiliated tenders in 2014, after an acquaintance was employed by the municipalityand’s Directorate of Public Works. The acquaintance allegedly could not stop the illegal activities, but went so far as to inform Numan B.
According to the complaints Numan B. made to BiMER, the illegal activities took place in the Erzurum city center, as well as in other districts. His claims include public works being conducted improperly, with interim payments cut off, and with tenders changing hands between the municipality and different local companies under the instruction of the mayor. One of these companies, PalandandOken Yat. ini. A.i, is managed by Ibrahim Sekmen, and, in his complaint, Numan B. demanded that he be brought in for questioning.
While hoping that his complaint would spark an investigation, Numan B. says he received an insulting phone call from the mayor, saying he would see Numan B. in court. Sekmen later used Numan B.and’s letter to BiMER as evidence that he had been insulted. Numan B. was shocked, expecting his identity to have been protected, so he appealed to BiMER for a second time, urging center to clarify the issue.
He has since filed a complaint with the Ankara Public Prosecutorand’s Office against BiMER, which he claims was directly involved in revealing his identity and personal information to Sekmen.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman