ErdoIan will have to give up on presidential system

If the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) had won a strong majority in Parliament, Recep Tayyip Erdogan would have completed his autocratic regime, which would have become unchallenged and unrivaled. But this did not happen. The people reacted to Erdoganand’s ambitions for a dictatorial rule that relied on state resources and violating constitutional provisions. Turkey rejected the idea of and”elected tyranny,and” which was invented in ancient Greece. Erdoganand’s autocracy associated with his expensive palace was thus destroyed. In the recent past, Erdogan wielded the powers of a de facto dictator by violating the principle of a democratic state and the rule of law along with with the principle of impartiality. Today, the Constitution states he has powers that will determine Turkeyand’s political fate. But all these powers are negative powers that could be exercised to cause instability. If he wants, Erdogan can, relying on these powers, bring Turkey to another election. He may decide what cannot be done, but he cannot determine what is to be done this is due to the fact that the presidency was designed to be a and”brakingand” mechanism within the state administration. Yet the result remains unchanged. When he was elected president, Erdogan proved he would use powers similar to the ones exercised by a monarch. The previous modest official residence of the president was a mansion compared to the current palace. Now Erdoganand’s palace has been destroyed he has to act like the resident of a moderate mansion rather than a palace. Erdogan may appoint Ahmet Davutoilu to form a government, and Erdogan may approve of the government he forms without asking the other parties. In this case, the opposition parties may be expected to object to this government. If this happens, the opposition parties will have to form a government among themselves. The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and the Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP)annot be partners in a government due to ideological differences. In short, the AK Party has to form a coalition with the MHP or the Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) or attract support from the outside by creating a minority government. Under Article 104 of the Constitution, the president has the power to call snap elections. This power of Erdogan will remain the sword of Damocles for any possible government. The election results mean the end of the arbitrary use of state power. Erdoganand’s growing power over the last 13 years left no autonomous areas within the state bureaucracy most recently, the judiciary was subordinated to Erdogan and judicial independence and impartiality were severely undermined. Now the judicial bureaucracy may become autonomous again in the new political conjecture. The financial system will pay the utmost attention to the fall of the palace. The partnership between Erdogan and the banking sector through public banks and the economic power of the state is no longer lucrative. It is known that big banks faced serious losses by selling US currency to keep it low in an attempt to extend support to Erdoganand’s autocracy. The debt of banks and the construction sector is all in foreign currency. A change in the exchange rates will have a stronger impact on those who fall together with the palace. In the new era, the presidential office will not be able to support them. The pro-government media will also experience the same fate. The pro-government media relied on a large pool of financial resources that were public sources transferred by the government. This media will no longer be able to rely on these sources. The transfer of power from palace to mansion will be the end of a number of privileges.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman