ErdoIan warns businessmen Putin-style

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said he does not want to act like Russian President Vladimir Putin in relations with businessmen who are unwilling to invest in the country, citing a story about a meeting Putin held with businessmen.
Erdogan, attending a dinner party with representatives from a nongovernmental organization in the Central Anatolian province of Kayseri on Sunday, said: and”Putin once met with businessmen who were not willing to invest in Russia at all in an attempt at civil disobedience. He told them to invest and also threatened to confiscate their properties if they failed to do so.and”
The Russian president forced a disgruntled businessman to sign a contract during the meeting, Erdogan said, adding, and”We donand’t want to do the same.and”
Erdogan and Putin are often compared to each other by the Western press for drifting toward authoritarianism. In December 2014, Germanyand’s Focus magazine likened Putinand’s meeting with Erdogan to a and”tsar and a sultanand’s meeting.and” In July of the same year, Forbes magazine published an article titled and”Vladimir Erdogan: How the Turkish Premier is Consolidating Power Russian Style.and” Political cartoonists from both Turkish and international media outlets sometimes depict Erdogan as Putin in order to stress the similarities in their policies as well.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman