ErdoIan targets women protesters for turning their back on him

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during a rally in eastern Iidir province on Monday, targeted a group of women from the Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP) who protested him by turning their back saying and”we what does turning [a womanand’s] back mean, but our decency prevent us to say so.and”
A group of women from HDP, gathered in front of an HDP office on Zandubeyde Hanim Street in Iidir, turned their back to the street, showing victory signs and whistling, while Erdoganand’s bus was passing through. The group turned face back to the street and clapped their hands in protest of Erdogan after the bus left.
andquotIt is very interesting that a group here, I beg your pardon, but my decency does not permit me to put it in another way [words]… they turned their backs to me while making the victory signandquot Erdogan said with a smiling face while addressing the gathering during the rally in Iidir.
Claiming that the women need to be deputies to have the right to protest the Turkish president, Erdogan further lashed the HDP group saying andquotIf you have little politeness, honor and ability, then the place for politics is parliament.and”
During the next rally in the eastern province of Erzurum, Erdogan told that and”of course, my decency does not permit me to tell you what [this move] means.andquot
During a rally in Airi province on Tuesday, HDP Co-chairman Figen Yanduksekdai slammed Erdogan saying, and”A president who targets women with insulting language is not our president.and” Supporting the womenand’s method of protest, Yanduksekdai further said that Erdogan deserves to have backs turned to him.
According to Yanduksekdai, Erdogan lost himself during the rallies and the language he uses doesnand’t have any humanistic or moral values. and”We will turn our backs to a president who denies the existence of Kurds [and] wants the exploitation of Kurds to continue by desiring the HDPand’s failure to cross the 10 percent election threshold,and” she said.
Meanwhile during Erdoganand’s Iidir rally, 26 year old Handuseyin Ali Karabai was shortly detained by police for saying and”Why he [Erdogan] came?and” According to the eyewitnesses, Karabai was standing out of the square where the rally took place and said and”What changed after Prime Minsiter Davutoilu visit? And now Erdogan came. Why he came?and” Having heart by police officers in civilian dress, Karabai was detained there and kept in custody for a day. Karabai was released on Tuesday morning.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman