ErdoIan says Presidency allocated new armored car for top imam ‘as gesture’

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that his office decided to give Religious Affairs Directorate President Mehmet GandOrmez a new armored car as a gesture following a controversy over a previously purchased TL 1 million car for the top imam.
The president, who became personally involved in the controversy by opposing GandOrmez returning the car in the face of public reaction, announced during an interview aired on a pro-government channel on Thursday that one of the armored cars serving the Presidency will be given to GandOrmez.
and”We, the office of the president, decided to do this — giving something which befits the post of the Religious Affairs Directorate president — as a gesture following the rudeness shown to our Religious Affairs Directorate president,and” Erdogan said. The car initially purchased for GandOrmez was not armored.
Earlier this month, GandOrmez said his office would return a recently purchased official car that sparked controversy after reports showed that it cost TL 1 million. Erdogan, however, at a rally in Belgium lashed out at critics, saying if he had known about GandOrmezand’s plans to return the car, he would have recommended that and”hisand” Religious Affairs Directorate president not do so. and”This post well deserves such a car,and” he added.
Erdogan also spoke out against critics in new comments last week, saying GandOrmez was so upset by the criticism that he got out of the car and walked home after he saw a picture of himself on social media portrayed with a Mercedes emblem on his turban.
The remarks appear to contradict the account of GandOrmez, who recently insisted during a televised interview that he had never actually used the car.
In separate remarks, Erdogan said that most of those andquotwho are putting forward this slanderandquot are using Mercedes vehicles. andquotWhat is so wrong with our grand Religious Affairs Directorate president using such a car for his official duties?and” Erdogan had said in a rally in the eastern province of Van.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman