ErdoIan promotes Israeli armored vehicle as local

An armored vehicle introduced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan earlier this month as a locally produced vehicle has turned out to be an Israeli product.
Erdogan attended the International Defense Fair (IDEF 2015) earlier this month, and visited a stand belonging to the BMC defense firm, a company acquired by pro-government businessman Ethem Sancak last year. Erdogan was present for the unveiling of an armored vehicle at the fair that was purported to be a Turkish-made BMC model. However, it soon became a hot debate in the media whether or not the product was exactly the same as an Israeli model. Erdoganand’s office declined to comment.
Sources from BMC confirmed with Todayand’s Zaman on Monday, however, that the vehicle was produced by the Israeli firm Hatehof. BMC had earlier partnered with Hatehof and the Israeli firm subsequently went bankrupt. The BMC sources agreed that the vehicle introduced by Erdogan was developed by the Israeli company under two separate trade names: and”Hurricaneand” and and”Carmor.and”
Erdoganand’s office was not available to comment on the issue on Monday.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman