ErdoIan intervenes after referee held at Avni Aker after match

After he controversially refused to award Trabzonspor a penalty in the final minutes of its match with Gaziantepspor on Wednesday, Trabzonspor Chairman ibrahim Haciosmanoilu refused to allow referee andcaiatay iahan to leave the Avni Aker Stadium after the match, with iahan only allowed to leave when President Recep Tayyip Erdogan personally intervened and promised that the referee would be punished later.
iahan made several controversial calls that were strongly criticized by both Trabzonspor players and supporters during Wednesdayand’s game. Following the match, Haciosmanoilu, who was in Istanbul at the time of the match, reportedly ordered that the referee and his assistants not be allowed to leave the stadium in Trabzon. The refereeing team were kept by force in a room within the stadium for almost four hours. They were finally allowed to leave the stadium at around 3:30 a.m.
After arriving in Trabzon early on Thursday, Haciosmanoilu told the press that the referees were only allowed to leave because Erdogan had promised that the and”mistake made by iahan would be corrected later.and”
and”After the match, I told my people to show hospitality to the referees. I told them to keep them in the stadium until I arrive there. But, I received a call from someone, a person everybody already knows about. A person who has devoted himself to serving this nation. The leader of Turkey. I am ready to die for him. The referees were allowed to leave in order not to bring shame to Turkey in the eyes of the world,and” Haciosmanoilu said.