ErdoIan breaks silence after almost 4 days, calls for immediate formation of gov’t

Turkeyand’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has been out of the public eye for nearly four days since Sundayand’s parliamentary elections in which the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) that he co-founded lost its parliamentary majority, broke his silence on Thursday, urging all political parties to work quickly to form a new government and leave their ego aside.
Speaking at an international student graduation ceremony at the ATO Congresium in Ankara, Erdogan said those who leave Turkey without a government will not be able to account for themselves before history and the people, referring to opposition parties that are avoiding or setting conditions for a coalition with the AK Party.
and”Thatand’s why everyone should leave their egos aside, [and] a government should be formed immediately within the framework of the constitutional process, and this process should continue from where we left off with the perception that andlsquocontinuity of the government is essentialand’,and” Erdogan said. and”No one and no political party has the right to say andlsquomeand’ we need to say andlsquousand’,and” he added.
Television stations had broadcast Erdogan speeches as often as three times a day in the weeks before Sundayand’s general election, which he had hoped would deliver a strong enough AK Party victory to boost his presidential powers through a switch to a presidential system of governance. Instead, the vote left the ruling party unable to form a government on its own for the first time in more than a decade. Erdogan, modern Turkeyand’s most popular leader, issued a brief written statement on Monday but has otherwise been out of the public eye for nearly four days, according to a clock that was widely shared on social media.
Erdogan defined the results of Sundayand’s elections as a reflection of the will of the people. He expressed his wish that Sundayand’s elections contribute to the good of the country and thanked 46 million voters — a record 86 percent turnout — for going to the polls.
and”What came to pass is the will of the people. Everyone should respect this. The election results show a political scene according to which a single party cannot form the government. This doesnand’t mean Turkey will remain without a government,and” Erdogan added.

h2Erdogan warns political parties to carry out their dutiesh2
Erdogan also called on all political parties to think calmly and urged them to carry out their responsibilities, while vowing to shoulder his own.
and”No one should doubt that I will perform the duties given [to me] by the Constitution,and” he stated. and”I believe the parties will make their choices in favor of a solution, not [in favor] of a crisis.and”
President Erdogan also slammed his Western critics, particularly the Western media, defining the statements against him as and”ugly, aggressive and ill-bred.and”
and”It is not possible to understand this intolerance. I want to say that these [statements] show something. Thanks be to God, they show that we are on the right path. If they praised me, then I should doubt myself.and”
Erdogan also mentioned his meeting on Wednesday with Deniz Baykal, a deputy for what was the main opposition party, the Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP), saying the two held talks due to Baykaland’s being the oldest member of Parliament and the person who chairs the first session of Parliament following the general elections.
and”I assessed this process with him and informed him that I will do my own part for this process to continue nonstop,and” Erdogan said. and”Because we have investments ongoing, these shouldnand’t be halted. These hitches set both my nation, [and] country back.and”
The meeting occurred as Turkey braces itself for coalition talks between the AK Party and the three opposition parties.
Erdogan is expected to officially ask Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoilu to form the new government once electoral authorities have published the final results of the election, which may not be until next week. The AK Party will either form a coalition government with an opposition party, a process that could take many weeks, or try to go it alone in a minority government.