Erdogan: We hope TANAP, which will supply Europe with gas, will carry along peace and tranquility

Baku: “We hope the TANAP project, which will supply Europe with gas starting from Turkey’s eastern frontiers and crossing western frontiers to deliver gas to Europe, will also carry along peace and tranquility,” said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the groundbreaking ceremony of the TANAP project in Kars, Turkey, APA reported.

According to him, most of oil and gas projects in the world are remembered with wars and conflicts: “We hope TANAP will be remembered with reconciliation and peace. We have never thought of building our welfare on problems of others. With this project, we are thinking of demonstrating to the world a new approach. A project always has a supplier, a transit country and a consumer. In the current case, Azerbaijan is the supplier, and Turkey and Georgia are both transit countries and consumers. Europe too will be a consumer”.

Speaking about a number of achievements Turkey has gained over the last few years, President Erdogan said there are plans to make his country an energy distributor: “Other natural gas and oil projects of ours are continuing. Among them, TANAP is of special importance. There is no alternative to TANAP. After realizing all stages of the Southern Gas Corridor, we will form a vital connection between Europe and the Caspian Sea. All Asia is in need of it”.

Erdogan remarked that gas delivery through the pipeline will start in 2018.

SOURCE: Azeri-Press News Agency