Erdogan says he will chair Cabinet meeting on Jan. 19

ISTANBUL: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Monday that he will convene a Cabinet meeting on Jan. 19 at the new presidential palace, confirming expectations that he will use expanded executive powers.

“We have met with Mr. Prime Minister [Ahmet Davutoglu]. I will convene the Cabinet meeting on Jan. 19 in Bestepe,” he told reporters, referring to the Ankara neighborhood where the presidential palace is located.

Erdogan said he was using the executive powers given to the president by the Constitution. “The Republic of Turkey is a republic governed within a constitutional framework. It is not a random town state. We have a constitution and the powers of the president are clearly stated in this constitution. I have said that I will make full use of the powers bestowed by the Constitution as the president who was directly elected by the people,” he said.