EMRE – Motivation behind Sumeyye ErdoIan ‘assassination plot’

Motivation behind Sumeyye ErdoIan ‘assassination plot’As you may know, the pro-government media, in a campaign that lasted for five consecutive days, alleged that Umut Oran, the Istanbul deputy of the main opposition Republican Peopleand#39s Party (CHP) and I planned to assassinate President Recep Tayyip ErdoIanand#39s daughter Sumeyye ErdoIan.Oran and I applied to the courts.

He proved that the allegations were fabricated when he announced the direct message conversations he received from Twitter I also asked Twitter to send my direct message correspondence and make a press statement. I am expecting a response soon.

I will not let the pro-government media get away with this. I will chase them to the doors of the hell.

It was already obvious that this campaign was fabricated. Nobody believed the allegations.

The pro-government media undermined the image and prestige of the presidentand#39s daughter while their goal was different. Now everybody talks about this matter as a subject of humor Now those responsible are unable to fix what they did wrong.

I am aware that I have been bugging ErdoIan and his close aides in my columns and comments. For this reason, they may consider every sort of plot to take revenge from me.

I am prepared for this. But I was not expecting such a lousy plot.

I guess I should thank them Now everybody sees that there are efforts to create plots against me. This one indicates that they may try others because they are obsessed with silencing me.

I know that.But I wonder why they included Oran and ErdoIanand#39s daughter in this plot.

Why Sumeyye ErdoIan? And why Umut Oran?I do talk to some members of the CHP. But I have never talked to Oran in my life, which is why I wonder why they thought that we might have decide to create a plan to assassinate Sumeyye ErdoIan.

I have been thinking about this matter since the reports first surfaced. I guess I have figured out what I have in common with Oran and Sumeyye ErdoIan.

It is related to corruption.You should remember that in the tapes leaked after 17 Dec, 2013, the records of the conversations between ErdoIan and his son Bilal were exposed.

In these conversations, ErdoIan told his son to carry the money from home to somewhere else and added that he sent his daughter Sumeyye for help. These were the allegations at the time.

When these tapes were leaked, ErdoIan argued in political rallies that the tapes were fabricated. The main issue of controversy back then was whether or not the tapes were fake and the pro-government media alleged that the tapes were not authentic.

I, on the other hand, argued that it was pretty easy to prove if the tapes were fake or otherwise without requiring reports or voice analysis. I simply said: andldquoIn those records, ErdoIan told Bilal that he sent Sumeyye to Istanbul.

If this tape is fake, then publish the records to see if Sumeyye traveled from Ankara to Istanbul. If she traveled at the time referred to in the tape, then the records are authentic.

If not, then the tape is fake.andrdquo I wrote columns and made comments where I raised this argument to put an end to the debate.

This is what I have in common with Oran. The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) members did not respond to this simple offer because the tapes were not fake.

But Oran held a press conference and announced those records, which proved that Sumeyye ErdoIan actually traveled from Ankara to Istanbul. Nobody was able to argue that those records were not authentic.

Oran stated: andldquoSumeyye ErdoIan boarded Turkish Airlines craft TK2123 to Istanbul at 900 am and gave the addresses where the money would be taken to Bilal ErdoIan. Former minister Koray AydIn was also on the same aircraft.

andrdquo Oran also exposed some other details as well.If we combine these two separate cases, then the plot makes sense.

As far as I understand, Oran and I have something in common because we both questioned the records to locate where Sumeyye ErdoIan was on the day the money was transported. The plotters would have presented the records as the basis for the assassination.

I think they would have created the following scenario: I would have stressed that the records of Sumeyye ErdoIan should be announced and then Oran would have exposed those records. That way, they would have argued that Oran and I were following Sumeyye ErdoIan to assassinate her and then they would have filed a lawsuit.

But their plot failed when they screwed this up.I did call for justice over the relevant AKP deputies and particularly ErdoIan.

Oran did publish those records. As far as I observed, the AKP deputies were unable to deny the authenticity of these records.

Now they are using fake documents and headlines to stage a plot against me. Those records will eventually be examined.

This file will not be closed unless a legal process is initiated. The truth will eventually out.

Allow me to repeat my previous call again: If the tapes are fake, why did you not publish the records of Sumeyye ErdoIan on that historic day.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman