EMRE – Introducing the victims of the ‘parallel state’

Introducing the victims of the ‘parallel state’In my previous article, I introduced you to Halis Bayancuk, also known as Abu Hanzala, a figure who supports the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and who, according to pro-government media outlets, was victimized by Gulenist police officers. The pro-Justice and Development Party (AKP) Star daily has claimed that andldquowhile Mr Bayancuk had nothing to do with al-Qaeda or ISIL, he was arrested by Gulenist police officers just because he criticized the Gulen network, and spent four years in prison.

andrdquoThe facts, however, show that Mr Bayancuk is a very vocal supporter of ISIL. A few days ago in this column, as an introduction I shared a long speech by Mr Bayancuk about ISIL and its andldquojustandrdquo fight in Iraq and Syria In this column I would now like to share more of what Mr Bayancuk — aka Abu Hanzala — said about ISIL to show the AKP governmentand#39s new partners and the Gulenist policeand#39s andldquovictims.

andrdquoAccording to Mr Bayancuk: andldquoWhen Muslims made some very important conquests and were almost about to start leading the Muslims in Iraq, the US and the Saudis — with the support of al-Saud scholars — organized groups called andldquoSahwaandrdquo and started to fight against ISIL. Today, they use the exact same name in Syria for those who are fighting against ISIL, who call themselves andldquoSahwaandrdquo or andlsquoawakening unitand#39.

andrdquoMr Bayancuk continues: andldquoSome ask why ISIL did not join Jabhat al-Islamiyyaandrdquo Well, if a Muslim has already been stung once by a group called Sahwa, which is now organized by other people, why should a Muslim then go and support them? Obviously the decision that ISIL made was right. And thatand#39s why we have to be smart and alert, dear brothers and sisters.

The same game that was played in Iraq is currently being played in Syria, and they say that ISIL is exaggerating and that Takfiris (Muslims who accuse other Muslims [or those of the Abrahamic faith] of apostasy) are being used and controlled by secret services.You should understand that they are trying to hinder a certain Aqidah [belief] in order for it to not gain traction in Syria Currently a very big operation is being run in order to change the opinions and thoughts of the people.

andrdquoMr Bayancukand#39s explanation about what has happened in Syria is a good example to understand whether he really has nothing to do with ISIL or whether pro-AKP media outlets are attempting to vindicate the governmentand#39s new partner, al-QaedaISIL.According to Mr Bayancuk: andldquoWhile 90 percent of Mujahedeen [in Syria] were performing ribat [guard duty], they [Sahwa] attacked the 10 percent who had stayed behind [to protect conquered land].

Afterwards, they claimed a victory in their attack of the 10 percent of [ISIL forces who were policing the cities ISIL control]. They betrayed their Muslim brothers, ISIL.

Did they ever see a traitor victorious? Now that the remaining 90 percent of brothers have left their ribat and arrived, those attackers are looking for a way to hide and escape. Now their initial rejoicing and screaming over a fake victory has ended and now they say andlsquothey are attacking us.

and#39 Meaning, brothers, as it is said in the press, the ones who started this fight was not ISIL. Jabhat al-Islamiyya was the one who started and ISIL just defended itself.

Now there are complaints that the policies of ISIL are too strict and harsh, andlsquowe have had enough.and#39 The groups couldnand#39t tolerate ISIL any more so they started attacking themandrdquoMr Bayancuk makes his points by asking his question: andldquoThe main issue is with whom a solution for the Syrian problem will be discussed.

These people claim that without the help of the West a solution for Syrian conflict is not possible. ISIL leaders say, however, that the Syrian problem is not a problem to be discussed with the West.

They further say that the thing you call politics is of two types: Either you lean unto Wahy (Revelation) or you lean unto Aql (Reason). If you lean unto revelation, God forbids Muslims to work with Westerners.

If you lean unto reason, history proves that those who ally with the West became losers. ISIL doesnand#39t want to sit with the West at the same table to negotiate the future of Syria however, the others do.

andrdquoMr Bayancuk continues: andldquoThe West knows that ISIL doesnand#39t want two things: 1) Sitting down with the West to discuss the issues of the Muslims, and 2) accepting democracy for a transitional government. The war against ISIL that is taking place at the moment is an operation where the target is a certain Aqidah (Salafisim) and to expel the Muhajireen (andldquoimmigrants,andrdquo referring to the foreign fighters and their families who came and reside in Syria) from Syria Whoever supports this is without the slightest doubt a Kaffir, an infidel.

andrdquoYou can find the YouTube video of Mr Bayancuk via the link below to see yourself with whom the AKP government and its media outlets are partnering with to oppose the Gulen movement. It is pathetic but it works in the Turkish context because both al-Qaeda and the AKP have adopted a political rhetoric mixed with anti-Western sentiment and an Islamist emphasis.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman