EMRE – If there were US dollars in Baransu’s suitcase

If there were US dollars in Baransu’s suitcaseIn an interesting legal move, journalist Mehmet Baransu has been placed under arrest for charges which he has been acquitted of before. The state will eventually have to pay a huge amount of compensation to Baransu.

They placed him under arrest by reliance on such an absurd reason that even the pro-government media is unable to justify it. This is why they are trying to make sure that this whole case goes unnoticed.

But they will not be able to do this, at least in this column. I hope the Taraf daily will take measures to ensure that Baransu will not be forgotten by counting the number of days he is held in prison.

What I am curious about is what would have happened if there had been US dollars instead of coup documents in Baransuand#39s suitcase. How would the authorities have reacted? Well, we have a good case to better understand this: Reza Zarrab.

By what was said about Zarrab, we can predict what could be said about Baransu as well.If there had been dollars in his suitcase, President Recep Tayyip ErdoIan would have said, andldquoI know Mehmet, he is a philanthropist journalist.

andrdquo At political rallies ErdoIan would have argued that his political rivals want to undermine his image through Baransu. Former Minister Muammer Guler, on the other hand, would have said, andldquoMehmet, I would use my body to protect you those who would want to conduct an operation against you should run over my body first.

andrdquo And he would have sent letters of reference for Baransu. He would not have issued Mehmet a Turkish passport because he is already a Turkish citizen but he would have issued him and his relatives a diplomatic passport.

Another former minister, Egemen BaIII, would have said: andldquoI know Mehmet. He loves helping others.

After every report, he sends me a suitcase. Sometimes he sends a box of chocolates.

He is the best man I ever met and picks the best suits. He has pretty good taste in ties.

andrdquoAs for former Minister Zafer aIlayan, I think aIlayan would have given the best statements. For instance, he would have said he has never asked Mehmet about the time, let alone taken a watch from him He might then try to save Mehmet by presenting napkins as evidence to the prosecutors.

He would even have played musical instruments to ensure that Mehmet is released from prison.The pro-government media would have said a coup was staged against Mehmet.

External actors plotted against him because he exposed the secrets of the coup makers. This is such a heinous conspiracy that they want to topple the government by locking Mehmet up.

As long as Mehmet stays in prison, the will of the people remains imprisoned as well.The pro-government TV stations would have taken the views of people from different backgrounds, including Huseyin Gulerce, Ahmet TaIgetiren, DoIu Perinek, Birgul Ayman Guler and others, to prove that a heinous conspiracy was staged against Mehmet Baransu.

The justice minister, the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) and prosecutors would have taken action Parliament would have worked hard and they would have even asked support from NATO to ensure his release immediately. All prosecutors would have been declared members of the andldquoparallel stateandrdquo police officers would have been sent into exile or expelled judges would have been reappointed.

The countryand#39s intelligence agency would have drafted conspiracy plans and profiled many people.If Baransuand#39s suitcase had been filled with dollars rather than coup documents, the useful idiots would have protected that suitcase.

It seems that fate stages its own suitcase game for the Justice and Development Party (AKP). A government formed on the basis of the monies stashed in suitcases brought to Turkey in the 2000s dealt with its rivals thanks to the documents in Baransuand#39s suitcase but Zarraband#39s suitcase changed everything.

This ship is now broken and the thieves have to silence those who would raise their voice while they take the monies to a safe place. This is why Baransu is in prison.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman