EMRE – #HaramLokmaYemedim (#NoUnfairGainsForMe)

#HaramLokmaYemedim (#NoUnfairGainsForMe)The hashtag in the headline here derives from a police officer arrested because of some big name thieves he helped catch. And actually, it sums up the political situation in Turkey quite aptly.

In order to see the truth, one needs only to answer this question: “Had those police officers behaved like the government ministers and just ignored the millions of dollars of bribery and corruption, would any of this ever have happened to them?”There is really only one answer to this question: Of course not. And in fact, this revelation, when you really think about it, makes all those other allegations and excuses meaningless.

The situation is clear: Those police officers are under arrest because they did not partake in ill-gotten gains.Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan had already announced in statements made to the AkIam newspaper on June 23 that the operation was part of a larger project: “We are developing a project.

When that is completed, the process involving the parallel structure will be sped up.” It became clear at that point that the project was the strange curiosity of the “criminal courts of peace.

” On July 20, ErdoIan openly admitted, “The process involving the parallel structure will be carried out by the criminal courts of peace.” And so it is that the operation that comes in the wake of these admissions is not any sort of judicial operation at all, but rather a political project.

Reminiscent of events that occurred around Feb. 28, 1997, the criminal courts of peace project has been implemented almost overnight, in immediate response to orders from on high.

This is the sort of order that former Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan used to call “not legal order, but cuckoo order”Alright, but what is ErdoIan trying to do?ErdoIan knows that it will not be possible to avoid the photographs, videos, documents, parliamentary summary proceedings and everything else that has recorded all the corruption foreverThat is why ErdoIan wants to escape to ankaya presidential palace. After ascending to ankaya and gaining absolute immunity, he will — if he can –take revenge on those who have revealed his corrupt ways.

And if he isn’t able to do that, at least it will be easier for him, in his highly immune state, to turn his friends whose names are mixed up in various corrupt scenarios over to the law.In order to escape to ankaya, ErdoIan needs some fanfare.

For this reason, for the first time in the history of the Turkish Republic, an operation was carried out around the time of sahur (the morning Ramazan meal), just as people were watching their televisions.There is simply no question that this was not a judicial operation, but rather a political spectacle.

From the showy handcuffing of the policemen to the social media campaign, this entire thing is a well-planned trap.At the same time though, it appears business is not going quite as ErdoIan hoped it would.

While he had wanted to portray the whole thing as being some sort of espionage operation, the people of Turkey are not buying it.Fast-spreading social media hashtag campaigns like #HIrsIzaTatilPoliseKelepe (#VacationsForThievesHandcuffsForPolice) and #HaramLokmaYemedim (#NoUnfairGainsForMe) are clear indications that the results of the operation are the opposite of what ErdoIan had wished for Arrests made in the hope that corruption would be covered up have only worked to remind people of the shoeboxes filled with dollars, the safes filled with euros, the ill-gotten plots of valuable land, the villas and the money not (as ErdoIan had ordered) quickly gotten rid of from homes.

And so it was that the words of one of the arrested police officers, “I did not partake in ill-gotten gains,” quickly became a social media phenomenon. People started switching their profile photos to one taken of the officer in handcuffs and reactions to the nearly-forgotten theft and corruption were re-awakened.

If, during the court process, some of the older files are opened and the documents related to Erdogan’s orders regarding the Ergenekon operation are revealed, his work will become even more difficult.What is quite clear is that all the allegations of corruption and theft will prompt Erdogan to run fast and far, all the way to ankaya Palace, if possible.

In fact, at this point, Erdogan is like a fleeing animal in a hunt, hit by a poisoned arrow wherever he goes from now on, he is forced to carry those allegations on his back. Which is what accounts for his yelling and screaming, as well as for his general hopelessness.

.The first piece of business that ErdoIan faces upon his ascension to Cankaya will be for him to sacrifice some of the names from his own circles to the corruption charges.

The day will come when, just as ErdoIan has tried to pass off responsibility for the Ergenekon operation to the Hizmet movement, he will try to pass off the responsibility for the operation against the Hizmet movement to some newly put-together team of his.It used to be that ErdoIan functioned as a social coalition leader But now, he is obliged, like some sort of social misfit, to constantly switch partners.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman