EMRE – Hakan Fidan and the Paris killings

Hakan Fidan and the Paris killings Cemil BayIk, the head of the Kurdistan Communitiesand#39 Union (KCK), has reportedly said that National Intelligence Organization (MIT) Undersecretary Hakan Fidan admitted that neo-nationalist or pro-Gulen community factions within the intelligence body were responsible for the execution of three Kurdish women linked to the Kurdistan Workersand#39 Party (PKK) in Paris in 2013. The French prosecutorand#39s office and Ankara prosecutorand#39s office had launched investigations into these murders.

The French authorities had sent the phone numbers seized from main suspect mer Ziya Guney as well as the numbers for his phones registered in Turkey, but despite the existence of concrete evidence, no progress has been made for the last year, and the investigation conducted by the prosecutorand#39s office in Ankara has failed to come up with any findings about the murders.The French authorities announced that Turkey has failed to provide them with any satisfactory answers.

It follows that Turkish authorities do not want these murders to be solved. How is it that Fidan, who is extremely secretive with the French authorities, able to communicate with them when it comes to the PKK? His intention is obvious: to link the Gulen community with these murders and break free from any responsibility.

As you will remember, an audio recording and a document about the Paris killings had been posted online. According to media reports, Fidan told PKK leaders: andquotOur official papers were used.

There are documents produced using our agencyand#39s technology.andquot He thinks he is fooling children.

But that document had been issued on Nov. 18, 2012.

In other words, it dates back to two months before the murders. This date coincides with Guneyand#39s visit to Ankara Moreover, the document refers to the names andquotO.

Yuret, U K AyIk, S Asal and H zcan.andquot It bears one set of initials and two different sets of handwriting.

It follows that it is a piece of cake to find out who prepared that document.Although the document bears two different sets of handwriting, MIT has been unable to find the owner of the handwriting for two years.

This is because they already know the owner Let me tell those who donand#39t know the identity of the owner: The names referred to in that document are not ordinary people. They are directly in charge of the separatist terrorism department and they have laid down the groundwork for the settlement process.

Let us be straightforward with the facts. Those people may include the ones who are heard speaking in the voice recording belonging to mer Guney.

A forensic laboratory examination will reveal who is who. Why arenand#39t those voice recordings examined? It is because they seek to cover up the matter The arrows are pointing to higher positions.

.It is claimed that one of those sets of handwriting belongs to the person who is in charge of the coordination of the settlement process within MIT.

If not, why isnand#39t the handwriting compared against the handwriting of the people who are mentioned in the document?In recent months, the articles by Ahmet IIk about the Paris killings as well as those published by the FIrat news agency point to an interesting person: It is claimed that MIT Deputy Undersecretary Ismail HakkI Musa had a hand in the murders, and Musa is linked to the Gulen community.When Fidan resigned from office, Musa was next in line to become head of MIT.

Apparently, the wheels are turning within MIT to purge Musa in cooperation with the PKK by leaking documents to the PKK. Ironically, our intelligence officers are hoping for help from the PKK in their struggle to climb the career ladder at MIT, and they leak information to the PKK to undermine each otherand#39s hand.

Well, why did BayIk make this information public out of the blue?With this remark, BayIk gave the impression that Fidan was concealing information from Turkish courts, but sharing it with the PKK. Thus, Fidan was portrayed as an MIT head who was not accountable to Turkish courts, but accountable to the PKK.

To be clear: If the murderer came to Ankara and Paris by plane and used his phone in these cities, which are equipped with numerous cameras, and made plans to assassinate three women but his contacts werenand#39t identified, then this means that the intention is to cover up this incident.President Recep Tayyip ErdoIan has been trying to redefine the Gulen movement as a terrorist organization for over a year Here is your chance: If the Gulen community was behind the Paris killings, why didnand#39t you identify the people who gave the assassination instructions to Guney? Why didnand#39t you arrest the people who had their handwriting on that document? Are you afraid that people in senior positions may be held responsible for the murders?In sum, the PKKand#39s statements imply that Fidan provides information to the PKK against the faction responsible for the Paris killings.

This indicates that there is great contention within MIT. If the PKK was informed about the Paris killings — which were possibly ordered by the National Security Council (MGK) — and the MIT employees responsible for them, then no one will trust Fidan or do such things in future.

This will create a rift within MIT..

If, as the PKK claims, the Paris killings were masterminded by someone within MIT and Fidan had conveyed this to the PKK leader in some way, why donand#39t PKK leader Abdullah calan and the PKK administration ask Deputy Undersecretary Muhammed DerviIoIlu, who was in charge of the PKK department within the MIT in January 2013, is currently Public Order and Security (KDG) undersecretary and is the most critical player in the settlement process, andquotYou were the deputy undersecretary at the time of the killings, how canand#39t you know who was responsible?andldquoWhy donand#39t the parties to the matter ask S Asal, whose name is mentioned in the aforementioned document and who has been part of the negotiations with the PKK since the beginning: andquotIsnand#39t it your handwriting? If not, whose handwriting is it?andquot The more important question is: Why did S Asal, who was the deputy vice president of MIT at the time the document was written, get promoted to deputy undersecretary of MIT after the murders? What was that prize given to him?Why didnand#39t you give information and documents to French prosecutors about the Paris killings? Did you investigate whether the people whose voices are heard in the voice recording that was leaked on the Internet were MIT employees? If they were MIT employees, did they get promotions or were they dismissed from the agency? Why didnand#39t you bring them to court?Or was this your intention: to make MIT mastermind the Paris killings, put the blame on neo-nationalists or the Gulen community and force calan to accept your terms and conditions in the settlement process?The Calendar of Oppression: Mehmet Baransu has been in jail for his journalistic activities for 19 days.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman