EMINE – ‘3 Days to Kill’: An American in Paris — Luc Besson style

‘3 Days to Kill’: An American in Paris — Luc Besson styleCinema’s wild child Luc Besson is still at his game with yet another action-film that he has co-penned and produced for the international box office. This time in the director’s seat is McG (of the “Charlie’s Angels” series and “Terminator 4”) and taking his place in the lead role is none other than Kevin Costner.Especially after his recent action-thriller lead roles, one would have expected the aging Irish hero Liam Neeson to take on this project, particularly after the “Taken” series, but Costner proves that he can also pull off the emotionally damaged but skilled middle-age action hero. Besides, he’s no foreigner to the genre if you look back to the 1990s.Experienced CIA agent Ethan Renner (Costner) is a favorite with the agency because he has the ability to kill a dozen people at once, but the man has got some serious family issues. His heavy and hectic work life has gotten in the way of his family life, which has led his estranged wife Tina (Connie Nielson) and teenage daughter Zooey (Hailee Steinfeld of “True Grit”) to shut him out from their lives. Even worse , Ethan has brain cancer, so he has only a few months left to put his affairs in order.All Ethan wants to do is to reconnect with his family, so he goes to Paris and declares to Tina that he wants to spend some time with Zooey. Tina leaves for London, and Ethan and Zooey embark on a journey of emotional reconnection that is simultaneously funny and sad. The man has no idea how to communicate with a teenage girl, and Zooey is quite happy to give him a hard time. But there’s more to the story. Suddenly, colleague CIA agent Vivi (Amber Heard) — your typical film-noir seductress — shows up and tells Ethan that she will offer him an experimental drug that will extend his life in exchange for one final mission in Paris. Ethan is to deliver the global villain The Wolf’s head to Vivi. Unfortunately, the man isn’t easy to find. But this premise gives way for the several ingenious action sequences on the lovely streets of Paris in which Costner can beat up and shoot down the bad guy’s minions.The best part of the film, however, is not the pumped-up action — though meticulously shot — but the humorous situations that Renner finds himself in as he is caught between dealing with his demanding pubescent daughter and trying to catch the bad guys. It’s not an easy job being a caring father and a ruthless killer, is it? Luckily, Costner possesses the panache to make his dilemma and quality-time issues convincing enough to hook the audience emotionally to this story. The actor can deliver lightness and gravitas at the same time, which serves the film’s ambitions of being equally funny and adrenaline-inducing.Do not search for any logic in the preposterous plot luckily, the film doesn’t take itself seriously either on this account, so it’s rather easy to dismiss all the narrative discrepancies and enjoy the fun ride.Besson has always had a thing for strong, gutsy and blunt female characters who are as physically adept and intelligent as his male characters (check “La Femme Nikita,” “Leon” and “Angel-A”) as such, he continues with this pattern with the presence of CIA agent Vivi, the tough cookie Zooey and the sensible Tina. Steinfeld is especially alluring in her role and reminds one of the young Natalie Portman in “Leon.” The screen chemistry between Steinfeld and Costner is also a big bonus for the film.“3 Days to Kill” will satisfy fans of the action genre, but don’t expect to find a deeper meaning or cinematic grandiosity in this tale of redemption. This is a polished package that delivers what it promises and nothing more: a decent thriller with a sufficient dose of humor. I hope that Besson will write and produce a project that will star both Neeson and Costner as two aging anti-heroes saving the world in uniso

SOURCE: Todays Zaman