Elmar Mammadyarov: “Our expectation from the United States Administration is to bring clarity to the anti-Azerbaijan campaign by state funded institutions”

“Obviously this anti-Azerbaijan campaign also attempts to destabilize the internal situation in Azerbaijan”

Interview by Mr.Elmar Mammadyarov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

According to the journalistic research material provided for by APA, US State Secretary John Kerry’s office in Congress is behind the anti-Azerbaijan cam paign. As a proof, certain documents are also presented by APA. All these do not come into the meaning that United States at the state level is engaged in anti-Azerbaijan campaign?

“The ongoing situation can raise eye-brows and be of serious concern. The analyses testify that certain people in the United States under the pretext of “protection of human rights” are pursuing the deliberate anti-Azerbaijan campaign.

Obviously this anti-Azerbaijan campaign by employing multiple public and media pressure tools do not only seek to harm the international reputation of Azerbaijan, but also attempts to destabilize the internal situation in Azerbaijan. Bearing in mind growing media interest to Azerbaijan vis-a-vis the first European Games these forces are attempting actively exploit the current situation for their nefarious purposes with the Cold War style propaganda.

However, they still fail to understand that such direct negative propaganda foremost affects the feelings of the people of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani people have paid extremely high price for the current stability and prosperity.

Those who are behind this campaign miscalculate the progress made by Azerbaijan through the last 10 years, including increase of GDP by 3.5 times and reduction of poverty line from more than 50 % to less than 4 %. These are the facts and the people of Azerbaijan are well aware about it.

The other point is obvious that Azerbaijan has become target of double standards, when in contravention to the international law Armenia committed occupation and aggression against Azerbaijan, adequate reaction to the fact of occupation has not been demonstrated properly.

The indifference and ignorance exhibited to the violated basic rights of the Azerbaijani refugees and IDPs in strict violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, while pretending to care about the human rights, prove that the true purpose is completely beyond the human rights and democracy.

The reason for serious concern is that almost all NGOs and other entities mentioned in these documents are working in close cooperation with the official structures of the United States and funded through the state budget. Some individuals with the very close ties with US Armenian lobby are also involved in this process.

Our expectation from the United States Administration is to bring clarity to the anti-Azerbaijan campaign by these state funded institutions. So far there is an impression that it is orchestrated by those who don’t like the development of Azerbaijan-United States ties and even they put more harm to the bilateral relations earned with the previous Administrations,” said Azerbaijani FM Elmar Mammadyarov

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency