Electricity supply restored in Nardaran

Baku: Electricity supply has been restored in Baku’s suburb town of Nardaran, town resident Natiq Karimov told APA.

According to him, electricity has been delivered to the squares and streets of the town.

“…but the population has not been given electricity yet. They say the population will be given electricity in the coming days”.

Meanwhile, other residents told APA that electricity has already been given to houses too. Residents who have signed a contract with “Azərişıq” OJSC on the basis of new terms have received electricity supply.

Note that, Tanriverdi Mustafayev, a spokesperson for “Azərişıq” OJSC, has earlier said they began installing SMS-based counters for residents.

“Every subscriber will be given amounts of electricity supply similar to the funds they charge to the counters on the basis of individual contracts. A center has been created to control the process. Residents can visit the center for electricity supply”.

Note that, law enforcement agencies continue their operation in Nardaran. Police posts set up at the entries and exits of the town are still there. People going in and out are being checked. There is no restriction on Nardaran residents wanting to enter the town.

Internal Troops are controlling the central squares of Nardaran.