Elections to contribute to future democratic process in Azerbaijan

The forthcoming parliamentary elections will contribute to future democratic process in Azerbaijan, Arye Gut, an expert in international relations, head of Israeli Research Association on Southern Caucasus, has told “Secki-2015.az” website.

“I believe that the elections in Azerbaijan will be fair and transparent. I think that the government is highly interested in holding the elections in a democratic atmosphere. My close friends are taking part in the elections process and they tell me that in Azerbaijan such campaigns like petition, registrations of the representatives are equal to the procedures in other democratic countries.”

Gut further noted that he is sure that Azerbaijani people will elect the most deserving representatives in the parliamentary elections.

He also commented on some foreign circles’ efforts to smear the upcoming elections. He noted regretfully that “today there are no concrete and balanced foreign strategy of some European and US foreign structures in the Middle East as well as the Southern Caucasus”.

“If we look through the United States and Europe’s military intervention projects intending to bring “democracy and respect to human rights” to some countries, we would recognize that these projects damage these nations morally and materially.”

“All the attempts of the United State and Europe to allegedly establish democracy in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria completely failed. Their attempts caused sufferings and death of millions of people, creating millions of refugees. To accuse Azerbaijan in violation of human rights is hypocrisy, impoliteness and indecency, because this country suffers from the Armenian aggression for more than 20 years, 20 percent of the Azerbaijani territories have been invaded by Armenia and more than one million people have been forced from their homes. Is the European Parliament not aware of this?”

“May be the European Parliament pretends that it is not aware of it? May be Europeans think that one million Azerbaijanis forced from their homes do not have elementary human rights? Why are they not interested in the fate of more than 4,000 peaceful Azerbaijanis taken hostages by Armenians? Azerbaijan should continue its balanced policy in this situation. Azerbaijan could prove that it is not a weak and dependent country and plays an important role in the South Caucasus and Middle East. The pragmatic approach of Azerbaijan to problems, its constructive relations with neighboring countries, tolerance and multiculturalism characteristic to the Azerbaijani society play an important role in the development of the country situated in one of the most complex regions of the world,” said Mr Gut.