EKREM – O, people of Kufa! Do not fear Yezid do not submit to the desires of its governor!

O, people of Kufa! Do not fear Yezid do not submit to the desires of its governor!An interesting op-ed was published in our paper last week the piece was penned by Anatolian Alevi-BektaIi Federation Chair Cengiz HortoIlu, who referred to the spirit of Kufa identity.HortoIlu stated that the people of Kufa did not extend help to Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, for two reasons, which made them accomplice to one of the gravest bloody campaigns in the world.

HortoIlu underlined the two grave mistakes of this spirit: the fear of whether Yezid would do harm to them and Kufa Governor Ubaydullah bin Ziyadand#39s remarkable and attractive promises. HortoIlu, who made this reminder by linking it to current developments, also said: andldquoToday, the spirit of the Kufa identity is also quite dangerous for our democracy democracy will go away if you do not make efforts to keep it [in place].

andrdquoUnfortunately, the overall situation is just how HortoIlu describes it. Oppression as observed in different forms in the history is associated with Yezid nobody consented to what was done to Hussein.

However, Yezid was able to pursue his policies and attain his goals there was no objection to his injustice and uncontrolled rage. Many reasons could be cited to justify fearIt is possible to refer to many pretexts.

Even though they did not consent, the people did not raise any objection to brutality and oppression by referring to their own groundless justifications.However, Yezidand#39s ambition and desire for power — his lust to rule and pursuit for unlimited power — was the main source of the problem This is the reason why he did not consider that Hussein was innocent and relied on a method by which he murdered the prophetand#39s grandson by depriving him of water Did he lead a comfortable life after killing Hussein? No.

He deployed his army to Medina in consideration of the possibility that the people of Medina might defy his authority after Husseinand#39s death.Yezid had only one valuable thing: his ego-centric power He sent armies to Medina to invade the prophetand#39s hometown out of fear, and he set the city on fire after killing many innocent people.

Medina was on fire after his invasion. Yezid did not stop there, however because he received reports that the people of Mecca did not endorse what happened to Hussein and the people of Medina, Yezid sent his army to Mecca this time.

Yezid was an Islamic caliph back then both he and his supporters believed that he was performing a sacred job and duty. And in the end, he seized the city of Mecca using catapults.

What were the people of Kufa, who once accepted Ali, doing while all these acts of brutality were taking place? They invited the prophetand#39s grandson and Aliand#39s son and expressed their support for him, so they caused one of the most tragic murders in the world. How did they justify their indifference to the slaughter of Hussein and their silence towards oppression? HortoIlu said they were afraid of Yezid, who represented the state authority and power and they preferred to remain silent because of the material offers from the governor of KufaI have taken the liberty of borrowing from HortoIlu, who made this perfect analogy and identified similar developments and tendencies in every stage of history as andquotKufa Syndrome,andquot because historical events do not recur but re-emerge in different forms.

Hundreds of Yezids have acted brutally against Husseins in different times. And in every case of brutality, we have seen the inaction of the people of Kufa out of fears.

The people of Kufa were not able to save themselves just because they did not consent to the oppression it is never enough to say, andldquoThis is just too muchandrdquo behind the scenes to stop brutality and oppression.Even if this is a andlsquoproject courtand#39Everything was turned upside down after the Dec 17 operation in particular, the judicial system was affected.

Despite clear evidence of corruption, with four ministers resigning, the government interfered in the court case, reshuffled the prosecutors and judges and the officers who were involved in the investigation were placed under arrest. This consolidated the view that those who committed corruption are free whereas those who caught them are in jail.

This has in turn undermined the sense of justice. In similar developments, laws were amended to save certain people, and to ensure that certain innocent people would be jailed, special courts were created.

There have been many discussions over the establishment of these courts and the appointment of partisan judges. The debates are only natural because the courts and the appointments were in breach of general legal principles as well as of the Constitution.

Besides, the suspects and defendants were allowed to file their objections to this court again, not a superior court. This is such a huge legal flaw.

For this reason, the penal courts of peace were referred to as andldquoproject courtsandrdquo and serious criticisms have been voiced against the prosecutors and judges serving in themLast week, I was brought to one of these courts on some groundless charges. The fears and concerns my supporters held undermine any possible truth of these charges against me.

It is obvious that the charges cannot be legally justified and it is a historical mistake to send Hidayet Karaca to jail over a movie script. This grave mistake is a disgrace for Turkey and the illegality becomes even clearer because the whole process is presented as fighting against terrorismThis is also the case with the legal charges initiated against me.

I was detained in a police station and detention hall for 120 hours because of two columns and a news report this is a historically important incident. People will never forget the judge responding to my question about whether the only evidence is two columns and news report.

Given that this is the case, the prosecutorand#39s appeal to my release reinforces the negative perception of these courts.And there has been clear intervention by the president in the court.

Speaking in public, the president directly interfered with the court case. By doing so, he committed a crime and made a potential court decision for arrest groundless.

The whole case is out there, no matter what goals are considered in the creation of these andldquoproject courts.andrdquo There is no evidence proving that a crime was committed.

What is being discussed are potential scenarios because this is the case, presiding Judges Hulusi Pur and Bekir Altun have to rely on the case file. There can be no fair trial where there is prejudice.

Even if this is a andldquoproject courtandrdquo designed to attain certain goals, the judges have to make their decisions based on the file, the law and their conscience. Otherwise, history will judge them and they will eventually have to respond to Allah, the absolute deliverer of justice.

You should at least keep some minimal ethical standardsA lot has been said about the Dec. 17 and 25 operations.

A number of documents were denied and dismissed and speculation was made. Lies were also fabricated the most popular one suggested that the police planted the money found and that it did not belong to the suspects.

In other words, the police conspired against the suspects and the police officers were responsible for this. Despite huge amounts of evidence, the whole case was manipulated to save certain privileged persons.

The police officers who were involved in the operation are still in prison and they are being kept in prison, with no questions asked because there is no indictment.Last week, the money seized during the operation was returned to the actual suspects who were released because they were privileged.

Newspapers publicized this incident, making headlines in which they depicted the suspects as taking the money in bags. Even those who had previously argued that this was not their money are now in shock.

There is no plausible explanation from those who offered this justification. And those people now ask, andldquoIf the money was not yours, why did you take it with interest?andrdquo There is no morality left!Remember that Central Bank of Turkey head Gazi Erel bought foreign currency in the 2001 financial crisis because he was aware of a crisis coming this attracted a great deal of attention.

In response to the criticism and reactions, Erel said he would donate his income to the humanitarian agencies, but none of the agencies accepted this donation. Now, one of those who took his money in bags said he would donate the interest to the Turkish Red Crescent sadly, the Red Crescent expressed its enthusiasm about accepting the money.

This means that even the minimal ethical standards observed 15 years ago are no longer there, despite the 12-year rule of a political administration that makes strong and bold references to religion.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman