EKREM – Divine punishment will befall us

Divine punishment will befall usHayrettin Karaman, who is accused of conjuring up an Islamic justification for andquotinvoluntary donationsandquot to certain charities by bidders in public tenders, thereby paving the way for bribery, wrote an article titled andquotMisfortune will rain from the Heavensandquot a few days ago. May God protect us from such a terrible end! Everyone was surprised by Karamanand#39s prophecy, and some even directed accusations at him We must take Karamanand#39s warning seriously.

Karaman began, andquotO ye rulers of the state,andquot and urged government officials to hold those who steal from the poor accountable for their deeds. This is the proper attitude and a felicitous outcry but it would have been better if he had made this move several months earlierThere are other figures who have made similar warnings to the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), such as Cevat AkIit, another Islamic scholar These warnings are not without reason.

Pressure is building in society. On the one hand are people who live in abject poverty and cannot even find rubber shoes, and on the other are those who live in palaces with more than 1,000 rooms and in which gold foil glasses cost more than the monthly minimum wage.

On the one hand are the masses who eke out a living and on the other are the vessels launched at a cost of several million dollarsandhellipA colleague who writes columns under the pen name Ali Nur Kutlu and who had been the president of a major public media organization says: andquotWe are being tested with something we did not know about: money, positions and careersandhellip The children of this cause failed the test and indulged in sins and torpor, but they believe in a forgiving GodandhellipandquotApparently, people are feeling profound anxiety and are forced to express it. Yusuf Kaplan, a columnist at the pro-government Yeni Iafak daily, is more outspoken: andquotWe are disintegrating we are growing decadent.

Everyone is pursuing lucrative business with politicians. This is a calamity!andquot And here is Ievki YIlmazand#39s insider: andquotFrom what I hear and observe about the lack of merits and treacherous acts of public officials, I fear a big misfortune may befall us.

andquotDozens of intellectuals are complaining about corruption, fraud, theft, lack of merits, etc. They are burning inside.

They see that years of accomplishments eked out with much difficulty are being wasted away. It is obvious to everyone that rude behavior and andquotbigotedandquot manners are alienating people not only from the party but also from IslamThere are also scientific studies and objective assessments.

Turkey is performing poorly on the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) prepared by Transparency International (TI), although we used to boast about our position on that index. Our country has exhibited the steepest decline in ranking.

The Turkish Industrialists and Businessmenand#39s Associationand#39s (TuSIAD) survey about businessmenand#39s perceptions of corruption confirms TIand#39s findings. In other words, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Four former ministers who were implicated during the corruption operations testified to the parliamentary commission investigating corruption and made certain confessions, albeit unwillingly. The information the parliamentary commission has obtained, despite efforts by the government to obstruct them, implies that corruption is profound.

If corruption is so exposed, then it is inevitable for public authorities to find a way out. You cannot get away from it with smear campaigns that target innocent people.

Such sensational moves may distract peopleand#39s attention temporarily, but will fall short of covering up the systematic corruption done using public resources. The idea of launching a large-scale operation in an effort to silence the debate about the Dec.

17 graft operation is a misguided plan and will come back to hit its planners like a boomerang as people will say, andquotStop conjuring up false stories and start cleaning up your own mess!andquot Indeed, to launch an operation to distract attention from Dec. 17 is to confess your crime.

Do you think todayand#39s open society is incapable of understanding your intention?Those who are at the helm of the country must correctly analyze the current state of affairs in the country and must acknowledge the groundswell forming if they want to exonerate themselves. If people start to express their fears saying, andquotod will curse us,andquot this means you can no longer cover up corruption and unfairness.

Anyone prudent enough can see this truth. Push has come to shove.

Anyone who loves God cannot simply sit and watch this decay and collapse.If a thief becomes a journalistThe man is a thief and does it audaciously.

He enters a public facility and loots it he escapes from the security guard who catches him red-handed and even steals the guardand#39s watch. This dishonest, thieving and ambitious man witnesses a bloody incident on the highway at midnight, which serves as a turning point in his life.

He discovers that people who sell video footage of certain kinds of incidents can get high ratings for TV channels and earn money. At this moment, he makes up his mind to enter the media sector With a few smart moves, he eventually becomes a media boss.

This is the summary of an important film that is still showing in theaters: Nightcrawler The film aptly portrays how an ambitious person who believes he can be a good video journalist can mastermind dirty dealings and compel others to involve themselves in these dealings.This parvenu journalist does not know that journalism is built upon concrete facts.

In other words, no journalist can replace facts with perceptions. Due to his previous career as a thief, this guy prefers to market his perceptions as facts.

The result is a disaster: Police officers die or are separated from their wives, journalists yield to blackmail and terror, scenarios are fabricated to cover up dirty affairs..

So far numerous films have been produced that criticize the media sector, but the level of criticism in this film is certainly the highest. At the end of the film, you are left with an unsettling feeling.

You look in vain for good people and good journalists, and you cannot help but remember the current state of affairs in our media sectorWhat the film describes can be considered a perfect reflection of certain media outlets and journalists in our country. Every evening, they appear on TV to pump lies and perceptions into the audience.

I am sure the filmand#39s main character, Lou Bloom, will make everyone think of certain spin doctors in our country.Purging the religious communitiesFor days, certain papers have been claiming that it was decided during the National Security Counciland#39s (MGK) meeting that all religious communities should be treated as andquotparallel structuresandquot to be targeted with an action plan.

Government officials have chosen to remain silent about this claim for a long time.Meanwhile, a person supported by the government — one who believes himself to be a journalist with a specialization in intelligence — confessed on TV that the plan to target the religious communities is true.

No one has denied it.Then, another spin doctor, who is known to harbor hatred for religious communities and has ties with intelligence circles, wrote in his usual pedantic and rude manner that the countryand#39s religious communities are now considered to be parallel structures by public authorities.

The ruling party did nothing to refute him They were unable to say, andquotNo, there is no such plan.andrdquoThe head of the Furkan Foundation recently made a very harsh statement, noting that all religious communities — including its own — are under extreme pressure and that their activities are being hindered.

The ruling party remained silent.News stories and commentary with criticism appeared in papers, but there was no response from the government.

Everyone is being profiled, and newspapers have published documents substantiating the claims about these profiling efforts. Officials continue to prefer to remain silent for some reason.

Eventually, certain statements were made in an effort to create the perception that andquotnot all religious communitiesandquot are being targeted. Were they satisfactory? No.

I read the reports about Prime Minister Ahmet DavutoIluand#39s remarks on TV. I mean him no offense, but those remarks do not match his academic caliberHe sees himself in a position to decide what a religious community is.

Moreover, he makes the most severe accusations without any concrete evidence. Of course, no one questions him, and he loses all control as he continues to speak.

A statesman is supposed to act responsibly and respect laws and the rule of law.Neither laws nor the rules of politics allow anyone to decide at will what constitutes a religious community or parallel structure.

andquotIf communism is to be introduced to this country, we are the ones who can do it,andquot some politicians arrogantly said in the past.Today, we see a similar approach in those who say, andquotWe are the ones who can decide what constitutes a religious community.

andquot There are lots of politicians and journalists who adopt this approach, but it is regretful to see the same approach from an academic who I believe is of certain intellectual caliber and has respect for Islamic values.The truth is, many andquotreligious communitiesandquot complain about the governmentand#39s discriminatory practices.

The SuleymancI community has accused the ruling party of dividing their community. The Nur community sees the monopolization of the Risale-i Nur collection as a move to divide their community.

The arIamba community recently accused certain politicians of andquotturning mosques into party headquarters.andquotIn other words, these religious communities see the governmentand#39s discriminatory efforts and the andquotreligious communityandquot being established by the ruling party as forms of injustice and cruelty.

Is it any fair to establish a fake community and intimidate true communities?It is wrong to be jealous. Everyone should remain loyal to his or her true nature so that the country can escape the current maelstrom Provocative and cruel rhetoric cannot help politicians ride their gravy train.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman