EKREM – Did your ship go down in KabataI?

Did your ship go down in KabataI?At a time when the rumors were not so widespread, I heard about the KabataI allegations. An executive at a newspaper told me the details of the matter I was very shocked.

I believed that this heinous attack should be publicized. However, this friend of mine told me that the victim and her family did not want to talk about it and that they did not want it publicized.

I also believed that he was very upset about this case.In our regular meeting, I told this incident to my colleagues at the Zaman daily.

Everybody was affected by it. They said they should start coverage of this story.

They were right. A journalist is responsible for telling the truth and sharing any case of victimization with society.

I was unsettled I called the relatives of the victim I told them over the phone that our paper is at their disposal — a statement that I actually do not approve of. But I made this gesture to make sure that an attack against a woman should not go unnoticed and unanswered.

The relatives of the victim I was able to reach told me that this incident had turned into a trauma for them and that they wanted to keep things calm I thought they were right. And there was nothing to do about it because there was just a rumor out there.

After a while, the KabataI incident was covered in the media The incident was depicted in such detail that it was impossible not to believe it. The coverage included eyewitness accounts.

It was also argued that there were recordings of the incident but that if they were released, it would cause popular outrage. These convincing statements affected us all.

And everybody condemned the assault. This was what was supposed to be done back then.

Unfortunately, when politicians started to exploit this incident to polarize society further, the issue gained a political dimension. However, there was no single photo or concrete evidence that proved the incident actually took place.

Days passed by but no evidence was presented on this matter In the meantime, the truth revealed itself. The images aired on TV revealed the truth.

It turns out there were no naked protestors or an assaulted baby and hisher mother Unlike the allegations, the husband of the mother arrived at the scene, placed a stroller in the back of his car, and then they left the area It was pretty obvious that the couple left the scene without being harmed or assaulted.The whole incident was at the crossroads when those who wanted to use it for political ambitions insisted on telling this lie in the media they controlled.

They also expected full support from others for the lie they told. This was just unacceptable.

Why would those who reacted supportively when hearing of the incident continue with the lie given that the whole case was based on grave lies?A good opportunity to confront the KabataI incident was seized when Fidel Okan told a journalist: andldquoOne of the relatives of the victim will talk soonandhellip That bride will be remembered as the liar of KabataI when there is nothing left to doandhellip maybe there is one thing she could have doneandhellip A simple thing to doandhellip Just an apology.andrdquo Okan also said that the allegation that an assassination would be attempted against Sumeyye ErdoIan is a huge lie and that those who fabricate these lies will eventually have to face justice.

He is completely right.I humbly believe that it is not proper to raise further discussions on this matter because that would hurt the victim and her family.

What needs to be discussed here is the relentless attitude of the pro-government media and the ambition to exploit such a delicate incident in political terms.Political ambitions lead political figures to consider every incident from a political angle.

Republican Peopleand#39s Party (CHP) deputy Umut Oran refuted the allegations against him by presenting documents the documents provided reveal that there was no correspondence at all between Fuat Avni and Umut Oran on Twitter The allegation on Twitter of an assassination targeting the presidentand#39s daughter was apparently unreliable. A plotter who typed 185 characters in a 140-character space should perform as a clown in circus.

But how about the papers that made headlines out of this? The Pinocchios of this pro-government media do not care about the truth.The number of untrue reports over the last year is higher than the untrue reports over the last century.

And unfortunately, these reports have been made by those who consider themselves religious. I am obligated to tell these andldquoconservativeandrdquo people that their media ship they have built by reliance on lies went down in KabataI.

I want to tell them that the lies they have been telling for months are now revealed. The crimes you committed to ensure that Hidayet Karaca is imprisoned over a TV series script and that Mehmet Baransu is prosecuted for publishing coup documents will haunt you.

And you will not be able to exonerate yourself. You will not be saved because you concealed the facts in the Hrant Dink murder you protected the real culprits and blamed innocent people by plotting against Ramazan Akyurek.

Your every lie will eventually backfire like the one in KabataI and every truth will bore a hole in your ship of lies. Instead of being ashamed of looking at the faces of your children in the future, you should admit your faults now because your lies are doing damage to yourselves as well as the values you allegedly represent.

You should show some sign of humilityLast week, President Recep Tayyip ErdoIan attended an event and a man in the audience welcomed him, referring to him as a messenger of Allah. Whether or not he is senile is not known but ErdoIan should have objected to this acclamation because only prophets are messengers of Allah.

But he said nothing. If this was an isolated incident, then we could have concluded that he did not hear him making this remark or he just did not pay any attention to it.

But similar remarks have been made before and unfortunately, ErdoIan remained silent. Please isolate yourself from the heated discussions of politics and consider the following remarks: andldquoThe leader who combines all the characteristics of Allahandrdquo (Duzce deputy Fevai Arslan) andldquoErdoIan is like a second prophet to usandrdquo (Justice and Development Party [AK Party] AydIn branch Chairman Ismail HakkI Eser) andldquoTouching our prime minister [ErdoIan] is like a prayerandrdquo (AK Party Bursa deputy Huseyin Iahin) and andldquoAllah [ErdoIan] gave the order neither you nor me can stop itandrdquo (AK Party IanlIurfa deputy Mustafa GktaI).

Recently, an AK Party municipality held an event to celebrate ErdoIanand#39s birthday. They made flyers and placards the roses, the hymns and statements on the placards give the impression that this was a sacred ritual.

Some criticisms were made when these placards were publicized, but no remark or statement has been made for the purpose of clarification.We are facing a pathetic situation.

You can run into crazy and unstable persons everywhere they may make some unusual remarks. But reasonable men should take measures and ask for reason and calmness.

Our Prophet told those who stood up for him out of respect that they should rise to honor their elderly like the Persians do. By this, he set an example of humility and moderation.

But today, excessive praise is not discouraged.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman