EKREM – A complaint to prosecutor AydIn

A complaint to prosecutor AydInThe media world actually comprises only a handful of people. Everyone, more or less, knows who is who in this world. A news website was launched several years ago.From the insults and comments on this website, it was clear that we (Zaman and Today’s Zaman dailies) were faced with a hostile website and an organized attack plan had been put into action against us.In a short time, talk began about which media group financed this news website and whether there were some dark power centers behind the information flow to this website.The allegations were serious. And it was being claimed that a relative of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan is behind the website. Since the current fabricated accusations and groundless claims about us were not around back then, I asked this directly to Prime Minister ErdoIan: “It is claimed that this news website is run by a relative of yours. Do you know what kind of dreadful lies, accusations and black propaganda are on that website?” The esteemed prime minister said he had nothing to do with this matter. In return, I said I would take the website in question — whose owner is unknown — to court and this will at least cast light on who the owner of the website is. The ugly attacks from the website deserve to be taken to court both in this world and the next. I shared these views of mine with leading figures in the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and some friends in the media. Through our common friends, I notified the relative of ErdoIan that I would file a case against him so that he knows the situation.As a person who has been working in the media sector for years, I can easily say that dozens of investigations and cases could be launched against even the slightest of the lies and slander spread through that website. The lawyer of our company said that a criminal complaint filed by one of our writers against that website has been put into action and this situation might even reveal the owner of the website. I became hopeful because I thought that a news website, which directs heavy insults to dozens of people who have spent years in the news profession, slanders them and does not avoid black propaganda, had to give an account of its actions in front of the judiciary. With colleagues in our company who were targeted by this website, we launched criminal complaints. As people who have deep respect for the law, there were no other methods for us to employ other than the judiciary.I learned a few days ago that public prosecutor Mehmet AydIn had, in only one day, dismissed the case due to a perceived lack of grounds for legal action for a dossier which is more than 450 pages long.Now, I think I have a right to ask a simple question to prosecutor AydIn: Esteemed prosecutor, just be truthful: Why can no legal action be taken about the slander campaign that the news website has carried out against Zaman and Today’s Zaman writers and myself? We are not the only victims of this news website. Are the rotten apples of this profession who direct heavy criticism at veteran journalists such as Taha Akyol, Cengiz Çandar, NazlI IlIcak, Hasan Cemal, Ahmet Hakan, Mehmet Altan, Orhan Kemal Cengiz, Iahin Alpay and Mumtaz’er Turköne, kept under special protection?Esteemed prosecutor, please take another look at that dossier. Please read those words of slander. Assume that those words were meant for you. Just imagine that your family, children and close friends heard those harsh accusations about you. What would you feel in the wake of such inhumane attacks? We have these exact feelings. Now, I have just learned from a file I received from our lawyer that there is another owner of this website. I was not surprised when I learned that this person had worked for Oda TV (a black propaganda website) some time ago. I was not surprised when I learned that a media group had taken part in this dirty business. But, I was surprised and saddened by your attitude, esteemed prosecutor. Those behind this news website who write reports that foment so much hatred among the public, use the language of hatred and violate the personal rights of others should have at least come to the court and account for their actions before the judiciary. As a matter of fact, the person(s) and website(s) in question are very well-known by “a handful of media members.” The list of people who have been victimized by this website is very long.If only justice and the judiciary had not been dealt such a heavy blow, esteemed prosecutor. If only you had empathized with the victims a little bit and said, “such heavy insults and black propaganda are unacceptable. These allegations should at least be reviewed by a court.” I think you would have made a significant contribution to the justice system if you had acted this way. If only Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor Hadi SalihoIlu had taken a look at this dossier. I am sure he would have seen what a kind of dreadful attack the Turkish press is unde

SOURCE: Todays Zaman