ECtHR rules against Turkey in six forced disappearances

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- European Court of the Human Rights (ECtHR) ordered the Turkish government to pay 265,000 euros in damages to the families of six IIrnak residents who disappeared after they were taken into military custody in 1993.

The six people were among 13 suspects detained on June 13, 1993, in IIrnak’s Silopi district in a military operation that was launched in the area after six Turkish soldiers were killed by the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). After the detention of 13 suspects, seven of them were released, while the rest were never heard from again.

The victims’ families eventually brought the case to the ECtHR, which ruled against the state of Turkey, DoIan news agency reported on Thursday. The victim’s families saw the ruling as a positive development, but said they still demand that the responsible parties be identified and prosecuted.

Nurettin Demirhan, the son of one of the six forcibly disappeared detainees, Mehmet Salih Demirhan, told the DoIan news agency that his family abandoned the village where they used to live after his father disappeared. Demirhan said that he has been fighting a legal battle since 1993 and was turned down by every Turkish court to which he applied before he filed suit at the ECtHR in 2006. Demirhan said that he is content with the ECtHR ruling, but still wants to find where his father is buried.

(CihanToday’s Zaman)