eavy rains wreaks havoc across Antalya

ANTALYA: Heavy rains, which have been continuing since last 12 hours have paralyzed daily life also caused to have flooded many residential areas in southwestern Turkish resort city of Antalya.

According to the information, which was taken from meteorological directory that at least 128,6 kg rain has been observed in last 12 hours around Antalya. Many residential areas including workplaces have flooded and water and traffic in Atntalya came to standstill also many thousands of cars were stuck in many parts of Turkey’s tourism hub city of Antalya. It also seen that ducks swam in the roads where totally turned into a lake.

During the last 12 hours, around Ankara fire brigade teams have taken around 900 flood denunciations from the residential areas, in which many houses and workplaces have stayed underwater mainly in Konyaltı, Muratpasa and Kepez districts. Rescue teams hardly reached the flood hit areas.

Meanwhile, a one day break was declared in the schools due to heavy rains which were observed one of serious rainfall in the last months.

Yesim Uysal, a resident said he found herself in the water when they woke up in the morning.

“When I woke up in the morning I realized that flood water reaches until my knees. Now we can’t enter the house and we power cut.

Halit Arslanagzı, owner of the business said everywhere is flooded. Water lever is 30 centimeters in my workplace. I evacuated some of water and I am still pumping up the rest of the water. There is no help has not reached yet.