EAEO: Voting process in Azerbaijan took place in accordance with international standards

Baku: The voting process in Azerbaijan’s parliamentary election Nov.1 took place in accordance with international standards, vice-president of the Austrian Parliament Wolfgang Grossruck, who is also the head of the monitoring group from the European Academy for Elections Observation (EAEO), told reporters in Baku on Monday.

The monitoring group head said that he also observed the parliamentary election in Azerbaijan five years ago.

He noted the stability and development of Azerbaijan.

“As the European observers arrived in Azerbaijan a few days before the election, they couldn’t make a detailed review of pre-election campaign,” he said.

The voting process took place confidential, he said. “Special ballot boxes were provided for disabled persons. More than 500 web-cameras were installed,” he added.

He further said that the places allocated for the polling stations in remote areas were not comfortable, and in some polling stations, observers were placed a little away.

“However, the votes were counted transparently and there were no problems,” he said.

As for the OSCE’s refusal to observe the Azerbaijani election, Grossruck said the European National Parliament also offered OSCE to send observers to Azerbaijan, however, the institution failed to send a delegation to Azerbaijan bringing various reasons, particularly the election in Turkey.