Dutch deputies say Ipek media takeover casts doubt on election results

Lawmakers from the Dutch Parliament have condemned a recent police raid on ipek Media Group which was among companies seized in a government-backed decision in Turkey, indicating that the move casts doubt on the Sundayandrsquos elections.
In a parliamentary motion she filed, Dutch Labor Party (PvdA) deputy and spokesperson for Turkey affairs Marit Maij called on Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders to summon Turkish ambassador to convey the Dutch governmentandrsquos concerns over the raid. The lawmaker said the attempts to intimidate critical media is a major violation of press freedom, adding that carrying out such an operation few days before the Nov. 1 elections is an open violation of the rule of law.
Sjoerd Sjoerdsma from Democrats and’66 (D66) political party said the seizure of the ipek media is unacceptable, stressing that the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government is doing everything, including intimidating journalists and threatening critics, to get the result it wants from the elections.
Noting that the Dutch government should convey its concerns on the issue to Turkish officials, Sjoerdsma turning televisions and newspapers to pro-AK Party outlets ahead of the elections casts doubts on free elections. He said it is hard to take results of the elections seriously in this atmosphere.
Riot police stormed the headquarters of the ipek Media Group in Istanbul shortly after dawn on Wednesday, with journalists from the paper trying in vain to prevent them from entering the building. A board of trustees has since been installed and its first action was to fire Bugandun TV General Manager Tarik Toros and Bugandun daily Editor-in Chief Erhan Baiyurt.