Drug valued 13, 6 million TL seized by the help of detector dog

EDIRNE: Drug Valued 13.6 million Turkish lira were seized by the by the help of specially trained detector dog in Turkish border town of Edirne.

A total of 113 kg and 608 gram of drug pill stuffed in secret divisions of vacant car carrying Dutch plate and belonging to a Turkish man named O. E

A big deal of drug capsized after the vacant car was dispatch to x-ray check by Regional Directory of Thrace Trade and Duty. During the x-ray check car also being sniffed by Kenu, specially trained dog which found the drug stuffed in the different division.

Continuing their investigation relating to the incident, narcotic teams has determined that vacant car belong to the Turkish national O.E. Soon after taking the detailed information narcotic police took O.E under custody in Istanbul. After the extended questioning, O.E was sent to the prison.